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Stomach Problems - 5 year old son

I am concerned about my son.  He had what appeared to be a stomach virus early-mid November.  He threw up maybe 5 times, then diarrhea some too.  He felt fine the next day.  Then he had what appeared to be a stomach virus again on Dec 9th.  I don't think he had much diarrhea that time but did throw up several times.  Well, he seemed fine today until all of the sudden he ran to the bathroom saying he needed to throw up.  He threw up once & had diarrhea once.  This was at 5:20.  It's now almost 8pm & he randomly feels like he is going to throw up but doesn't.  I don't know if he just has a sensitive stomach or nervous stomach or what.  I did tell him that he would be starting a new pre-school next week & he totally freaked out.  I'm going to call the dr in the morning because I think it is not normal for a kid to throw up so much.  What could this be?  
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Freaked out? He is scared to go into the school? This could cause the problems. It is unusually for viral gastroenteritis to last almost a month.

Diarrhea in your son can be considered as chronic at this point. Some parasites (Criptosporidium, Gardia) or some bacteria can cause it, some of these microorganisms can be found in the stool. Maybe this should be ruled out first.
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Thanks Boron!  
Yes, he was upset that I signed him up for pre-school.  He absolutley does not want to go....cried, pitched a major fit.
I just think it's weird to have 3 bouts of vomiting & diarrhea in 2 months.  None lasted longer than 24 hrs.  When he was 1, he threw up 1 time during the night every night for about a week or so.  The dr told me that some kids are pukers & some aren't.  
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Infants might be pukers, I don't know, but 5 years olds can not be just pukers!

Have you any idea, why he refuses to go in pre-school? He wants to be at home, he is scared of somone or something? Pre-school was not fine for me either :) .
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We've had a nanny for about 3-1/2 years.  I think he just wants to be at home with her & his little brother.  I don't think he is scared of someone or something in particular.

Another thing....he gets car sick sometimes....usually longer car rides though.  
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I've seen such a situation. A 3 years old boy didn't want to start to go in daily-care center, he cried vigorously and it was physically impossible to do anything. This lasted for some days or weeks. Then his older sister (who attended the same center) "convinced" him somehow. She just said something to him...He liked his sister, he trusted her.

Has he a buddy? Also, how he is doing now at home without a nanny? I'm bad in solving this problems, but I've seen some good and some bas solutions...pure force doen't help, some plain trick also doesn't.
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