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Stomach Swells - Not GAS

I took Grains and Wheat and Dairy out of my diet for 2 weeks and my stomach still swells after eating. I don't get it. The only other thing I could think of is that I take Latuda and I also have the Mirena IUD. I just don't know what it is. I want to eliminate whatever is causing it.
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Hi, you have to maintain a diary and patiently monitor your symptoms, it will help to narrow down the cause. You will need to check with your doctor to rule out motility disorders, they can also cause abdominal distension. Diabetes mellitus can cause autonomic neuropathy and consequent slower motility of the intestinal tract. Medications to promote motility may help in emptying the intestines by promoting motility. Discuss these options with your doctor.  Regards.
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I have an appointment but it's not for another month from now. I'm trying to rule out candida, or leaky gut, or diverticulitis. Right now I'm doing a candida cleanse and most of the major flubbery bloat is there, but my stomach still bulges a bit and it's hard, not soft like water or gas.
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