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Stomach abdominal pain & nausea

Hi...i'm elderly woman of 82 yrs age

8 months ago i developed stomach pains
and nausea and became sick.
from a normal weight of 54 kg i lost about 15 kilograms
over these 8 months. now weigh 39 kg.
i still have good appetite but hold back on eating
normally, since i'm afraid and know it will give me the
stomach pain & nausea .
stomach pain usually come about 1 or 2 hours
after a meal at night times usually.
i have been to hospital emergency, they did CT SCAN
& blood test but everything came back normal.
only thing was the blood liver function test GGT level
was high & i have a small hiatus hernia.
the doctor said there was nothing more they can do.

anyone have similar symptoms and had any luck
with successful diagnosis & treatment.
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Look into Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) treatment like CERON. Ask your Dr./GI. It helped me for the pain & nausea after eating. and loosing weight. Good luck,
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We appreciate your question but are sorry you have had this issue!  Do you have a regular care provider?  I read that you went to an emergency room and were told there was nothing else they could do.  I'm wondering if you misunderstood.  An emergency room is for acute situations. They basically patch people up so they are well enough to go home and send people on their way. Any ongoing situation is not their area to diagnose and care for.  You had no acute situation they could care for but that does not mean that your pain is normal and there is nothing to treat.  That is my guess, that is.  Working with your own doctor, general practitioner is important.  And if they are not able to find the cause, a specialist such as a gastroenterologist would be ideal.  

I'm glad you have gained some of your weight back but see you have a ways to go.  Do you actually still get the stomach pain and nausea after eating or are you not sure because you limit what you eat to avoid that? Do you keep a food diary where you record what you eat and when? This is a good idea to give you a picture if your symptoms are related to diet choices or any intolerance to specific foods.  Another area to investigate is if you have ulcers or GERD, both of which could cause your symptoms. Gallbladder issues and pancreas issues can also cause problems like this and a gastroenterologist could diagnose this.  And do you suffer constipation at all?    And vascular problems or narrowing of the arteries could also cause this.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317628.php

There are lots of possibilities.  Do you have a regular physician you can see?  
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Thanks for the detailed reply...

as a son & carer, i posted the question on Medhelp
for my elderly mother hoping to view some
hopeful paths which we could take to getting
her well.

she has had extensive tests done to try and
diagnose her problem,
she had her gallbladder removed many years
ago so we know it is not her gall bladder
causing the pain.
problem being
unintentional weight loss
of 15 kg over an 8 month period,
abdominal pain after eating, especially at night
1 or 2 hours after dinner, nausea
and feeling sick.
however she good appetite but, as you said correctly
she limits what she eats or eats very little to avoid
getting the abdominal pain, nausea & being sick.

we have seen 2 or 3 gastroenterologists
and have done endoscopies, colonoscopies
CT scans with contrast, blood tests etc...
over the last few years
but they have not being able to find anything
no ulcers, no GERD, no gastritis
other than a small Hiatius Hernia.
Also, her blood test is usually normal except
her Liver function test is usually high
that is her  GGT, LD levels are high,
but the doctor says it is not of real concern
or that is not the cause of  her problem.
One gastroenterologist we saw did say that it may be
her Sphincter of Oddi (SOD) causing the problem
& wanted to do an ERCP on her to see it the SOD was
dysfuntional but we sought a second opinion
from anothet gastro who said it would unlikely
be the SOD causing the problem & it was very
risky to do an ERCP since her pancreas is in
good condition. we took his advice & did not proceed
with the ERCP in case we created another problem
ie; pancreatitis.

she does not have constipation or hard stools but
we  know her bowel transit is slow, ie;
may take 2, 3 or more days between bowel motions.

vascular problems or narrowing of the arteries ?
we'll look into this further.

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