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Stomach and back pain

Hie I'm 23years old  and have been having stomach pain for more than six months now.Whenever I feel this pain the middle part of my back hurts as well.This happens when I haven't eaten and also afterwards.I have been taking indigestion tablets which I got from the pharmacy (Rennie),it however got worse this month so I went to my Gp and was prescribed Omeprazole inorder to reduce the acid and help heal the ulcer as I was told but they didnt do any tests to confirm if it was an ulcer and which type.My worry is how come I feel  this back pain when the problem is in my stomach?
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Last year, I had severe stomach cramps & back pains, so severe I was in tears.  I was told by my Acupuncturist, gas caused the pains.  I drank natural green tea she gave me, that evening, the next morning the tea cleaned my system right up, pains went away.  

You can try the green tea treatment, to see if it helps, but best diagnoses and treatments will be done by your GP,.  

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