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Stomach issues, only 18 years old living in misery!

Hi everyone. I have been suffering since the end of January 2013. Let me give you a back story; my entire life I was extremely active. I played softball and was always exercising. I quit playing, and about 5 or 6 months later I was enjoying some food when all the sudden I started feeling like I needed to burp. It wouldn't come up, and I was worried. I told my mom and she said it was just some acid reflux and it would go away. I was relieved. The next day, I woke up not feeling very good still. I didn't really have an appetite but I ate all day anyway. I fell asleep at my boyfriends house that night when I woke up and felt really sick. Just nauseous, and feeling like I need to burp. It was bizzare. I ate really unhealthy... But it had never been a problem before. I went to multiple doctors and decided to play softball again. I also was on anti depressants and going to counseling. Food was extremely important to me so this was really hard for me to deal with. I tried to play softball so I could forget how I felt and distract myself. I even thought I was pregnant at first. I was eating saltines and bananas- that was it. Then as I started to play softball again, I began to add more things into my diet. I was on Pantoprazole as well as digestive enzymes from the naturopath. I had a gastric empting study that came back normal. But at the point I had the gastric empting study, I was feeling a lot better. Shortly after this, as I continued to play softball, I was completely better! Back to myself 100%. I was eating anything I want, no nausea, no burping, normal stools! I was completely fixed. I was so excited to know I gradually got better. Well- I got too excited because I only felt better from June- August. I was a lot better until one night I decided to eat some flaming hot Cheetos. I assumed I was completely better so I wasn't concerned. Instantly after eating them, I had extreme heartburn! It was horrific. I was still on my Pantoprazole (which hasn't really helped anything at all). I shook it off and went to sleep. Woke up the next day and had a lump feeling in my throat. Felt really nauseous too. Everything came back. I ate a peach later that night and I was heaving all night. I have a huge fear of throwing up so I wouldn't allow myself to puke even though I could have. This was at the end of August. It's mid December and I am still sick. It's the same as what happened the first time but even worse. I haven't been exercising, I have no energy because the only foods that don't make me sick are frosted flakes and crackers. Some days I can eat something (like a banana or applesauce) and be fine, and then other days it will make me sick. This has ruined my life. I have lost 30 pounds, I can't go out to dinner with friends, It affects my job because I am constantly Cancelling on people. It is complete misery. A few weeks ago I had an endoscopy done and it came back normal. I am still on Pantoprazole and an antacid (I can't remember the name). I just have no idea what is wrong with me. I'm not having pain, I'm just nauseous, randomly I'll get heartburn (not very often), I have to strain to pass a stool, unless I eat something that doesn't agree with me. Then sometimes I'll have diarrhea. But not always. Sometimes I'll just feel really nauseous. I have this weird gurgling feeling in my intestines and chest right down the middle. A lot of my symptoms sound like GERD but no medicine for GERD Has helped me. I am sick of doctors telling me it's because of my anxiety and depression. I can swear to you it isn't. The only reason I feel depressed is because of how sick I feel and the tiny amount of foods I can even eat. I just don't know what to do. All the doctors seem confused and unable to find out the problem. If anyone has an idea of what's wrong with me or has gone through the same thing let me
Know. I'm only 18 years old, 5'6 and 135 pounds. Please help me:( I feel hopeless and I don't want to spend another day laying in bed. I want to live my life!
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Sounds like this could be a few things. GERD is one, Gallbladder is another, and also Systematic Celiac. There are 2 forms of Celiac disease: 1 - Congenital Celiac Disease (meaning you were born with this and absolutely can NOT have ANY gluten), and 2 - Systematic Celiac (meaning you show all the symptoms of celiac disease BUT you CAN eat gluten products to an extent before suffering the consequences). I would have your GP or Gastro doctor test you for gallbladder issues. People with Gallbladder issues tend to not be able to handle spicy foods and it goes right through them. Also talk to a gastro doc about systematic celiac. Try keeping a food diary and note when you have bouts of heartburn, etc. Then try eliminating foods that could cause it, like spicy foods (I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to that! I LOVE spicy foods), then also try eliminating gluten from your diet.When you eliminate gluten, you have to make sure that NOTHING you eat contains WHEY, WHEAT, SOY or ANYTHING that could have even trace amounts of gluten. If you feel better and notice a significant difference after the 2 weeks, then BOOM you know what the problem is! Hopefully this will help! Keep me updated!
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