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Stomach pain- 10 year old boy

Hello, my ten year old son has been having a squeezing/stabbing stomach pain about an inch below his belly button. This has been constants for 55 days as well he has been retching ( dry heaving ) for 55 days. The dr has done multiple blood/ stool tests and seen nothing abnormal. The pain is almost unbearable at night, during the day the pain is there but not as bad. The retching seems to happen at any time. Sometime the episodes are very short other times they may last 10 or so minutes. He wakes up retching multiple tones during the night. Last year he he was throwing up and retching for 30 days he had to be fed by an Iv and his liver enzymes were abnormal. They said his stomach movement had stopped and his lover was failing, they did an upper endoscopy to rule out idg? And celiac disease. Then one day he was able to keep down water and from then things went back to normal. He was able to come home. The only thing that was left was the terrible crippling abdominal pain that would happen once a month or so and last about 5 minutes. Then over the past year it became more frequent until 55 days ago when it never went away. So far the doctors have done multiple blood/stool tests w no abnormal findings. He was referred to the childrens hospital where they listened to his tummy with a stethoscope and said possible constipation. They put him on mirolax, and an anti nadeau med and an anti spasm med for the stomach. The only med we see any change with is the onadesterone( anti nausea) when he takes that it does not seem to help when he is awake but it does keep him from waking up to retch. .  The dr has told us testing is too invasive and we should try meds unti we find one that works. This seems crazy to me. He is in such terrible pain and has now missed 20 days of school. I'm hoping someone can recommend what should be next as far as diagnosis . I asked the dr about a colonoscopy or a barium X-ray and she said those are too invasive and their recommendation is trying the different meds. I'm just hoping someone has some info do I can research and intelligently argue his case. Everything I read on the Internet seems very condition specific. And I'm just trying to figure out how to figure out what is wrong. Hoping someone can help get us in the right direction. Thank you
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He also tested positive for h pylori however after antibiotics his last test was negative
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Hi, the common causes for vomiting are gastroenteritis (infection), gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, systemic infections, appendicitis, intracranial hypertension, hepatitis, eating disorders, inner ear disorders, and certain medications. But since his blood tests, endoscopy and ultrasound reports are normal certain other causes need to be considered. Lung infections like pneumonia and bronchitis can irritate the diaphragm and cause vomiting. Pancreatitis is another entity diagnosed by blood tests and ultrasound. Renal stones can cause vomiting and pain. The stones may be too small to be picked up by an ultrasound. Inflammatory bowel diseases and gallbladder diseases can also be the culprits. Discuss these options with your doctor when you happen to meet him. In the meantime give him oral fluids like soups and broth as tolerated to keep him hydrated. Regards.
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