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Stomach pain

o I've been dealing with the worst stomach pain, I wasn't able to eat, sleep, or even do anything. I went to the doctors and they put me on medication for ulcers. They sent me to another doctor to give me a ultra sound but ended up not taking the tests because I said I was feeling better with the medication I'm on already so they saw no point because I'm already on medications for ulcers so the test really wouldn't have done anything but just tell us what they know already. They did tell me that I can call whenever to get the test because they're concerned that I might have a digestive issue. But it's been about 2 weeks later and my body is still acting strange. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. And This is disgusting but my poop was turquoise 2 times of me using the bathroom. The pain went from my chest to just my lower stomach area. It feels like a bruised object in me. When I touch my body it feels bruised. I tried to exercise the other day and i threw up right when I was done with my routine. My body goes numb and starts to tingle as well. I also have heart burn. They also have me on 4 pills a day for the ulcer medicine and another pill to coat my stomach so my ulcer is probably already healed. I suffer from migraines as well and there will be times throughout the day my brain will feel bruised and like it's bleeding but only on the top. My question is should I go get the testing done or would it just be a waste?
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