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Stomach problems

I have been having alot of problems lately and don't know what it is from and i got to the point of being annoyed, and i am going to see a doctor but wanted to see what could be causing it all..

- Abdominal cramping
- Lower back pain
- Gas
- Nauseation (no vomiting)
- Feeling sick/nauseated always after eating (i have noticed myself and others have to always complaining i dont feel good after eating no matter what the food is, alot or little amounts)
- Im guessing indigestion? A burping feeling in my throat/down my throat (not all the time but i have noticed it lately)
- Alot of times i wake up feeling nauseated

And no i am not pregnant and 100% sure.. But i guess the symptoms are some what similar?

I heard it could be birth control but i have have had problems before the pill not as much as now but i have been on the pill for 6 months now and i don't think it would suddenly now start making me sick..

I was looking into it a little and thought it may be acid reflux but i'm really not sure or very familiar with it.. I just want some kind of idea to give to my doctor that i might think it is..

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hi, I thought i wrote that? ok here is my story i have anaplastic polyps in my stomach i have everything like yours but i am dumping antifreeze green to army green very oily or its bright yellow stool liquid  gallbladder removed 3/07 also has polyps in my gallbladder so my conditon might answer yours ? my dr is ordering a gastroscopy i also have a hiatus hernia  polyps and ulcer so 9/2 hes doing my scope now i also am being tested for CELIAC wheat gluten allergies and Adrenal fatigue syndrom CBC and lipase and amelayse proteins  i am on nexium so  i know what your saying i feel like i'm having morn noon and night sickness and i had a hysterectomy 1994 and i have a cyst on my ovarian so the dr have to do another CA125 blood test rule out obgyn cancer since i only have 1 ovary and it has a functional cyst on it so i'm a walking nightmare
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