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Stomach severely bloated and constipated

I’m a 62 year old female, I was diagnosed with h pylori a few years ago and was treated with antibiotics. I have GERD and I’ve been taking nexium 40mg twice a day for about ten years, I also smoke. The past year I’ve been EXTREMELY bloated, it looks like I’m pregnant. I frequently have diarrhea and sometimes I puke up stomach acid. And for a few months these white smelly pieces come out of my mouth. I’ve been to the hospital before for trouble breathing due to the bloating but they said it was probably just anxiety. They did a CBC and X-rays of my stomach. They said they don’t do breath tests or blood tests for h pylori anymore and said they would have to send me to a specialist for an endoscopy. They took a biopsy from the distal third of the esophagus and two from the body of my stomach. and on the paper it says “red patches antrum”. I don’t have a follow up appointment until January. This is really frustrating for me because no one seems to know what’s wrong with me. It’s also made me depressed because I can’t go out anywhere and none of my clothes fit me.
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