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Stool in stomach?

Ive always had bad constipation since i was little. The constipation wasnt so bad as a young teen but now it came back and its worse than ever. (im almost 19 now) For a month or two ive had horrible stomach pains bloating a feeling of fullness even after going to the bathroom..Yesterday i went to the doctor he took xrays and discovered there was a ton of stool in my stomach. It was so much that it scared me. The doctor told me to take miralax saying it will help me. However my stomach still hurts so much and im still so constipated. What else can i do? :/
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Use a suppository or enema to try and get things moving. Call your doctor and let him/her know that the Miralax isn't helping and I'm sure he will have you up the dosage.  Drink lots of water and prune juice, and keep in touch with your doctor if you get no relief.  Wishing you all the best..
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It's definitely possible to be badly constipated to the point of stool backing up into your stomach.

Not to freak you out but constipation may also cause hard stool to pack the intestine and rectum so tightly that the normal pushing action of the colon is not enough to expel the stool. This condition, called fecal impaction, occurs most often in children and older adults. An impaction can be softened with mineral oil taken by mouth and by an enema. After softening the impaction, the doctor may break up and remove part of the hardened stool by inserting one or two fingers into the anus.

My nephew had similar issues and they were resolved with an enema after laxatives did nothing for him. He was in alot of pain.

The other more unlikely possibility is obstruction due to various reasons which I'm sure your doctor will look at if he/she is unable to help you clear up the problem in a timely manner!
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well i drank prune juice and drinking water i was going to the bathroom so i was doing ok. But today the pain came back worse than ever :/. I dont see my doctor until Jan. Im kinda worried.
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I feel u i went to the hospital and got chest x rays and abdomen x rays and they said im backed up badly and told me to take mirlax..but it dont work and my lungs ribs kidneys been hurting bc im in pain everyday
Ive had stomach problems since 3rd grade
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