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Stool sample revealed dysbiosis, how dangerous is this?

I went to my intern because I have various issues. I'm male and 30 years old.
I have problems with my skin (infections of the skin which always come and go and it has been like this for years now) and I also have pain in various joints and no reason can be found. So I thought what if this could have something to do with the digestive system?
I read stuff about leaky gut and things like that and how this can cause all kinds of problems. My intern didn't know leaky gut but he said I could get a stool sample tested for bacteria.

And the result showed that I have a dysbiosis. i have too few enterococci and also too few lactobacillus and  too much of Clostridia. The results paper said that too much of clostridia can cause liver damage and also damage the colon.
This sounds pretty dangerous to me. Who knows how long I have been having this and what kind of problems this creates. Maybe I have leaky gut now because of this.
The doctor couldnt really tell me much about it. I'm now supposed to take tablets which contain lactobacillus bacteria but I don't know if this alone will fix my issues. :(

I don't really know what I should do now. Should I go to a specialist or get a coloscopy to see if the colon has been damaged? Or should I get a test for leaky gut? Some labs offer such tests.

Last time I took antibiotics was 1,5 years ago for 7 days.
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Hi there,
The common cause prolonged use of antibiotics, hypochlorhydria and achlorhydria.antiulcer medications and antacids, high consumption of sugar and all can lead to dysbiosis.The common symptoms are flatulence, bloating, intestinal pain and inflammation, cramping and constipation and/or diarrhea.Dysbiosis may be controlled with diet and antimicrobial therapy. There are four different forms of dysbiosis. Treatment will vary accordingly. It is best to consult a gastroenterologist and start treatment accordingly. A   history and physical examination will determine which diagnostic tests will be most appropriate. I hope it helps.
Best luck and kind regards!
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can you tell me if a dysbiosis could point to something larger like celiac or intenstinal permeability? I am asking because I have a lot of health issues (skin conditions,joint paint,mental fog) which I have no explanation for. The doctors usually don't know what I have. What if the colon is the explanation?
But the problem is that I already went to a gastrologist in the past and asked him about leaky gut syndrome and he didn't know what that is. Seems like this problem isn't very known.
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The issue of leaky gut is quite well known by those having a problem with it, but it doesn't seem as if docs have really picked up on the issue, unfortunately.

If you think you might be gluten-sensitive in any form, you may want to consider checking it out by doing a fecal antibody test and/or gene test via Enterolab.com. I'd suggest starting with the gene test because it will indicate whether you're carrying celiac, gluten-sensitive, or no-gluten-issue genes. That single test puts a lot of information at your finger tips. It doesn't tell you whether those genes are 'active,' but if you're having digestive issues that could suggest the problem, taking gluten out of your diet could make you feel a lot better while you're trying to sort through any other issues. Also keep in mind that something like 50% of those with gluten issues cross-react to casein, the major protein in dairy.

Joint pain and brain fog are well-known to those who have gluten issues - either celiac or sensitivity. There are other conditions that can cause it, but do check out the possibility of gluten problems.
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