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Streptococcus infection causing cysts on the pancreas and liver - what are the chances of a full recovery?

Hi, my father-in law has been in hospital for 5 weeks and has been through a lot whilst trying to get a diagnosis.  He has had 2 liver biopsies, a bone marrow biopsy and an endoscopy (I think its called) where they put a camera down inside him, put a hole through his stomach and took a sample of the cyst on his pancreas.  He has cysts and lesions (which I think may be puss filled cysts) in his liver and on his pancreas.  It turns out that all this has been caused by  Streptococcus.  This is currently being treated with antibiotics but the doctors seem doubtful as to weather this will work due to lack of blood supply to where the cysts are.  I think the plan is for an operation to drain the cysts and a scan to see if the antibiotics are working and if not, to double the dose.

I guess my question is, what are his chances of a full recovery?  Has any one ever heard of this before or experienced it?

I would be grateful for any information any one can give me.  Thanks.
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