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Sudden abdominal cramping shortly after eating

Well I've been having so many health issues as of lately.. too much to list, so I will address what happened to me last night.  About 20-30 minutes after eating Alfredo chicken for dinner, I had a sudden attack of cramping ( around belly button and below). That feeling your about to run to the toilet. Well, of course my vasovagal is triggered. So all at once, I get cramps, nausea, feeling of my blood rushing, sweaty, the works. I go to the bathroom and sit there. A couple of minutes of trying to breathe, so I don't faint, I manage to have a semi normal bowel movement. No diarrhea, as I was expecting. After this I had to sit up and watch t.v., laying down was not an option (feeling faint). Then it all goes away within a few minutes. What the hec?? So I am assuming that the Alfredo cheese did it. The question is, doesn't it take time for symptoms with lactose intolerance? I never went back to the bathroom, no diarrhea. Only 20-30 min had passed since I ate, and after going to the bathroom I was fine. Does this sound more like a gluten problem, or IBS?
Also, just wondering if anyone knows any connection between Seborrheic dermatitis and lactose problem? Two days ago, I awoke with a major sudden flare up.
If anyone else is interested in my many other symptoms, let me know.. I post them. :)
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