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Sudden abdominal pain

I'm 15 and I had a sudden pretty severe stomach pain in my upper abdomen, midway between my navel and ribcage, and about one inch to the right. The stomach pain went away soon but when I pressed on the area, the pain was a severe tearing and stabbing pain. It still hurts a bit when I press on the area but it's been getting better. What could this be? I'm thinking gallstones but it went away so quicky.
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When my gallstones began acting up, I had no clue this was happening. It took a year-and-a-half for the full blown out GB attack to occur and it had to be taken out immediately.
Mine began with faint pain just below and under my right ribcage which came and went so I thought nothing of it. Then, as time progressed, sometimes the pain would be so bad that I felt nauseous. A few times upon trying to arise from bed, I was shakingly cold & had to curl up into a painful-all-over ball for at least an hour until it subsided. Over time, a general ill feeling came over me and then one day I woke up and BAM....it hit me like a tornado!
If that is what your problem is, they would probably do a HIDA scan on you to determine whether or not it is your GB.
I do recall that the worst attack I had the day I was taken by ambulance, the night before I ate something I normally never ate...I fried something in cooking oil and the oil triggered the full blown attack. You can kinda monitor this yourself. When the GB is not happy, if you feed it greasy or fried foods, it will let you know,,,,maybe calmly at first but then it will hit w/a fierce vengeance. It was the worst pain I had ever been in and I thought up until then that kidney stones were bad!!
Best wishes to you.
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Gallstones pain is typically located just below the lowes right rib in the middle of the rib, and it is a cramping pain, usually occuring within an hour after a fatty meal.

Would you say, there's any bulge on the painfull spot? This would be abdominal hernia then (small intestine protruding out through abd. muscles).

Deep there is duodenum. Duodenal ulcer causes pain between meals, so when you're hungry, and it's better after the meal.
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