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Suffering from a 12 year mystery

I'm Elli i weigh about 75 pounds and am 5 feet tall. I am 19 years old and I've been suffering from random and possibly life threatening weight loss. I was a c-section baby in a navy hospital that had hip dysplasia. When i was a baby i got staph pneumonia in the blood and had a fever of 105. It started at 8 years old when i showed signs that i wasn't gaining weight. The doctor ruled it out as severe digestive impaction and gave me powder. I also got really sick and they told me i had acid reflux. Starting my "lovely" puberty i develop bad eyesight, asthma, a sleeping disorder, and dyslexia. In my first year of high school i got very ill with a stomach bug that made me vomit every 5 minutes none stop. This went on for a week, not eating breakfast or dinner and puking every morning at school. They said i had a stomach bug and my abdominal pains were from painful ovulation. Soon after i left the house and later find out it had black mold. I got stronger acid reflux medicine and believed i was finally done. When i turned around 16 i was given many tests because i was not growing or gaining much weight. The doctor found nothing and just waved me away. For a while i would be on and off being sick for a while or a whole month then being fine for a small amount or large amounts of months. I got sick again my last year of high school and was just given medicine and a check up every once in a while. Suddenly last year in September i started getting immense pains in my digestive area which made me very sick. I went to a GI doctor who said i was 90 in July and suddenly 78. He suggested IBS but also an eating disorder. Of course i was very offended. Both my family, friends, family doctor, and nutritionist (which i was pushed into by my GI doctor) all said i showed no signs or mental signs. Still i suffered weight loss and nausea. I had a celiac test and got nothing. Later my doctor had the hospital get me a CT scan which found abnormal thickening in the colon. So i prepped for a upper GI and colonoscopy. I was given no answers because every thing checked out fine. I found out later my "fathers" family has a many women with colon cancer and skin cancer. My mothers side has ulcer colitis, crohns disease and many forms of cancers and diabetes. I am now even having possible breast cancer symptoms and am going to get them checked out. My GI doctor pretty much said at this rate i will die in 3-5 years and wants to put me i the hospital for a few days to "study" my hormone levels. He has also saying i need a psychiatrist for my anxiety, introvert, and depression. I know he also keeps accusing me of eating disorders but i have being so skinny and sick and i cry so much from it, I do eat i have like 6-7 meals a day and i take vitamins and an iron pill. I have no idea where to turn to. I' dramatically losing weight and no one can figure out what. My only beacon of hope says I'm sick in the head...

Update: I started to develop a sore throat after my procedure, they said it was normal. After a few days though it got worse to the point I could really talk. Then it suddenly went away but a new symptom started. A strange cooling burn in my chest followed by painful swallows when trying to eat. I've taken acid reflux pills to help but its been going on for 3 days now. This morning while getting sick from gas cramps I got that cooling burn in my chest.

I am not sexually active either. I put a folder together of people with similar issues that i'm trying to link up. Its silly to see the patient the one trying to figure it out. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6en_OY2fpoeQkRNRTNnUGlJYUE&usp=sharing
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Hi, you could get screened for metabolic disorders like hyperthyroidism and diabetes. They can be detected by simple blood tests. If other conditions have been ruled out then it could be that you have an increased metabolic rate which could be preventing you from gaining weight. But usually skinny people have a genetic predisposition to like foods that are not fattening. You could start by keeping a diary and noting down the food you normally eat. Next slowly start increasing by say 500 calories per day. Maintain this for a week. Next increase by another 500 calories till you reach the desired weight. It is important that you substitute and eat healthy food like protein rich food. Also exercise helps build up muscle mass, so enroll in a good workout program. Regards.
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Hi Eli! So I do need to ask a few questions to figure out if I can help you.
Did the doctor run a colonoscopy? What were his findings if he did?

I know I suffered from a lot of what you did for years and it was diagnosed as IBS at first but then my pain got more severe as time went on and then I started dropping weight and never grew. (I'm 4'11" and 93 pounds.) later down the line my pediatrician sent me to a GI doctor who did a CT scan and a colonoscopy (wasn't as bad as people make it out to be) and the diagnosis was Chrons, so you may have Chrons that was just over looked by a negligent doctor.
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They did an upper GI and colonoscopy because the CT scan showed thickness of the colon walls but when they did the upper GI and colonoscopy they found nothing what so ever wrong with me. I was being bullied by my GI doctor so i'm looking for a new one in a better hospital.
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I do keep a food journal and went to a nutritionist who said what i was eating for the most part is good. I needed a few more fruits and veggies. I can't have most dairy now because i suddenly developed a lactose intolerance. I drink V8 fusion and the splash. I take vitamins and an iron pill every day to help get the things i don't always get. I also just got ensure provided by my medical insurance to help gain weight.
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Being bullied by GI doctors is a common experience of mine. No one understands the pain especially them. I really hope you find a good GI!
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      Have you seen an Internist.  I also have acid reflux and GERD. Years ago the acid had gotten so bad I started losing 5lbs. a week I had gotten down to 85 lbs. I was 5'6" and had weighed only 105.  I was put in the hospital for testing to find out why the drastic weight loss. They did a lot of test but oddly enough the 2 test that gave us the answer was a test where they put a tube up your nose and down your throat into your stomach and measure the acid and test how fast it produced.  the other test was the oddest thing. It was a brain wave test. They told me to try to stay awake but I was so glad I didn't.  What happened was when I fell asleep they found that my body started producing triple amounts of acid called it Hyperacidity.  I was put on a regimen of anti acids (PPI type) and Mylanta every 2 hours and special diet.  After a little while my throat opened up so I could drink and swallow normally again and started gaining my weight back to my WOW 105lbs. Don't let the low weight bother you some people just because of the acid and your metabolism that's they way it is.  Now because of other medical problems I wish I could lose some weight.  Good Luck Elli.  I know the frustration you are feeling.  
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