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Suffering from severe constipation

Hello Doctor
                       My problem might be a bit wierd but I think it needs to be told to someone.When I was around 17 I developed constipation problem and at present I am 27 and its has been worse.I drink lots of water and that does not help.I have tried laxatives but sometimes they fail too.I have developed and unwanted habit.Now I cannot defecate unless and until I finger my *** hole.I have to finger it a lot in order to defecate and I am really sick of this habit.I was never indulged in any sort of anal sex.I cannot find a solution to my problem and I really want to get rid of it.Please help

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Not that I'm a doctor, but you should see a gastroenterologist.  

Your solution is one I've heard paraplegics use to evacuate their bowels, so you should find out what's going on.  It could very well be a physical problem.  Mine was; my colon is very tortuous (twisted), and it's nothing I did, it's just a defect I've always had.  My mom has it too, and back in her day she was too embarrassed to talk about it, and they probably wouldn't have had an effective treatment anyway.  The result of the years of constipation was the formation of diverticula in her colon.  Unfortunately, one of these became irritated, then infected, and then burst!  She had an abscess and peritonitis and almost died.  

The most effective thing I've found (recommended by my gastroenterologist) is MiraLax, which can now be purchased over the counter.  It is a powder you mix in a beverage, but unlike bulk fiber laxatives, it actually has something that causes the bowels to move.  I put it in juice and there is absolutely no change in the taste of the juice.  
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Thanks Fuzz
                          Is there aby form of exercise that I can take on to completely cure it?
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