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Sulfur burps accompanied by diarrhea/vommiting

So I've had this for about 6 years (I'm only 17). Everytime I talk to a doctor or any of my family members they just tell me to change my diet and take an anti acid, although none of that helps. I dont eat eggs, beans, most dairy, and some meats. For those who dont know what I'm talking about I basically burp up the foul scent and taste of rotten eggs. I then end up with severe stomach problems and vommiting. I've had it for 3 days now, on and off and I've taken the usual pepto bismol (it usually helps) and lots of water. I dont know what to do for this now since it hasn't gotten any better and I can't go see my primary doctor with everything going on now. Can someone please help with this? (If it helps the pepto I took was generic, I dont know whether or not that matters).
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I had the exact same symptoms. I've never found out exactly what causes it but I tried taking kefir and it worked!

So if the other suggestions haven't worked maybe try it?

Someone else here said it helped them. Now when the sulfur burps start I start taking half a cup of kefir every day.

So far it's worked. It never gets past the burp phase. No more stomach issues, pain etc. Thank goodness
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I just posted my answer earlier today for someone else. ill post here for you. Hope it helps.
I had my gallbladder removed  15 yrs. ago, approx. 4 years ago I suffered sulfur burps, then my condition got worse , when I would eat anything greasy it started to get worse, It got to the point that I would be nauseated, vomit & diarrhea for 3 days at a time, gurgling stomach, sharp pain, extreme fatigue, felt lifeless. I was desperate to find a solution. Well I started doing research, the Pepcid AC I was told to take from many doctors, just was not working. Found out many people have this same condition. (I also was taking Pepcid AC for the 2 years I was having sulfur burps & waking up choking on acid reflex at night.) was reading in a comment one day to watch Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube. In his video he mentioned about acid in our stomach/sulfur burps & to take POTASSIUM CHLORIDE.
I have NEVER taken Pepcid AC since!! HE CHANGED MY LIFE FOR EVER!!  I can eat greasy foods and not get deathly sick! I take a pinch of potassium chloride daily or few times a week. I ordered potassium chloride, (FYI: different kinds of potassium)on amazon. It is a powder formula, love it because I can’t swallow pills.
(FYI: different kinds of potassium when you look to order)
I ordered an 8oz bag in January 2020 for around $12.00 & has last me all year.
I hope this may help someone!
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Hello and welcome to the forum!  Thank you for your question but am sorry to hear you are having this ongoing health issue.  It must be very frustrating!  The reason why gerd and diet keep coming up from your doctors and family is that these are often involved in the issue of rotten egg smelling  burps and stomach issues.  By treating those, many are able to overcome those symptoms.  I'm sorry what you've tried to date has not been successful.  There are different things to try for Gerd that might be more effective than what you've already tried.  So, please keep working with your doctor.  Another GI health issue to look into is irritable bowel syndrome.  IBS can have all sorts of ways of presenting in a patient.  Foul smelling burps and stomach issues are common.  Believe it or not, stress and anxiety can also be involved in sulfur burps as well as IBS.  A gastroenterologist would be an excellent specialty for you to next visit.  This article has possible remedies https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319392  Green tea can help.  Drinking more water, manuka honey, baking soda, apple cider vinegar can be helpful.  Keeping a food diary looking for trigger foods may help give a better picture too.  I'm hoping you stay in touch and let us know how this resolves and hopefully it does soon!
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