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Super gassy after eating?

It doesn't really matter what I eat--cereal with soy milk, meat, fruits, veggies, candy...You name it and after I eat it I get really gassy. And by gassy I mean farts only. No burping. I only get gassy after like one hour, though. Then I will fart so much! Please help, it's embarrassing. And also, I can't get beano because I'm only 13 years old.
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Have you been tested for mercury toxicity? Mercury reacts with sulfurous foods and produces tons of gas in the intestine that in turn smells like sulfur. I recommend getting a hair minerals analysis done to measure mercury levels, and if you find out you are high in mercury then begin some sort of chelation protocol with a practitioner (the safest protocol out there now would be the one by Dr. Christopher Shade called Quicksilver Scientific)Im a Nutritionist and all of my mercury toxic clients have this problem. Remember mercury does not only come from eating fish, it also comes from dental fillings, batteries, vaccines, light bulbs and living near power plants and can also be passed down from your mother.
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