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Surgery to remove half of my bowel and part of my large and small intestine

I was recently rushed into hospital with a suspected appendicitis.
After a CT scan it was soon realised I had an appendicitis and that there was also a blockage in my bowel.
Once I had 4 hours of surgery, I was informed that my appendix, 1/2 of my bowel, the top of my large intestine and the bottom of my small intestine were removed.
I was in hospital for 30 days and in that time contracted Spesis.
After 18 days I was allowed to start eating low fibre foods after just having water for that time and after a few months began eating fairly normal.
I have been finding I am getting lower stomach pains often and sometimes after I eat. I am not sure if this has something to do with the intestine they have removed but wondered if anyone could offer their opinion on how I could reduce this pain or what could be causing it?
I have contacted my doctor who has arranged me to have some blood tests in the next week.  
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