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Suspected Volvulus?? Or Something else? When should I see a doctor?

This question is about an issue my mother is having right now. Six years ago she was diagnosed with Diverticulitis, so now she has Diverticulosis. Fast forward to a week ago, she ate some canned corn in her dinner. After that she got diarrhea and the pain was the same as her diverticulitis, so we went to the ER to have her checked. She was in an EXTREME amount of pain, so they sent her for a CT scan which showed an obstruction so they admitted her into the hospital. The pain became so bad that they used the tube in her nose to relieve some pressure. While the tube was  in her nose, she continued with diarrhea all night long. The next morning she was passing gas so they figured she was passing the obstruction on her own and released her. The night she came home, she had a bowel movement that was twisted looking, almost like a braid. That was the last bowel movement she has had.
Now, she is extremely bloated, had some abdominal pain but not as bad as when it was obstructed, She is passing gas, but she can't sleep and is very uncomfortable.  
Our question is, does the braided mean she has Volvulus and that was probably what caused the obstruction and not the diverticulitis? The doctor said at the hospital that there were pollops at that time but they were not infected.
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What is volvulous?? It sounds like she is passing mucus. I was passing a lot of mucus at one point and finally traced it to dairy. It also smelled foul. Which I believe is caused by a fat malabsorption. I noticed every time I eat mayo I immediately get nauseous.
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