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Sweating after eating sometimes

I am 34 years old, and fairly healthy (5'8", 130lb). I have started sweating in my face and neck after eating many things. It never happens in the morning, only at lunch and dinner. I can avoid it by eating cold things and never anything warmed up at all, but it is so extreme people notice it at work. It only lasts 15 minutes or so and I have to dab my forehead with a paper towel it is so much sweat.

My appetite is bizarre. I feel nauseated and not hungry often, but about a few times a month become ravenously hungry for no reason that I'm aware of. I've had to add in food to stop my weight from dropping and I lost 7lbs on accident. Even my size small shirts are getting too big, and I'm not really that short, so I'd like to stay the same weight.

I'm also very exhausted. I used to be energetic, after all, I do exercise regularly, but now I sleep 9-10hrs a night and by the evening (6pm) I'm so tired it's hard to focus. It's impacting my work and social life. I guess I don't really know how to make myself feel better. I was getting the sweating just every so often, but now it is happening almost daily.

I also have been getting very constipated to the point it will take multiple doses of stimulant laxatives to get anything moving. Even prescription strength solutions from my doctor failed to work in one case and I had to use a glycerin suppository and laxatives to get any relief.

All of these things seem to go together. There is a chance these could be medication related because I have severe nerve pain (have for 10 years) down my right leg due to some spinal issues. I'm on Cymbalta 60mg, Keppra 1500mg 2x day, Yasmin 1x day, and vicoden 5/500 1 pill 5x day. Any ideas where to look or what to do? I feel crappy and miss my energy.
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hmmm some of the side effects point to maybe a parasite such as the loosing weight, tired a lot, ravenously hungry for no reason, constipated. But as for the sweating not sure. Drinking a lot cranberry juice can kill a lot of types of worms, also eating raw pineapple only for a few days will kill a tape worm.
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Have you had your blood sugar checked? Gastroenterology can be a symptom of hyperglycemia (diabetes) as well as losing weight, fatigue,  loss of appetite and constipation. Talk to your doctor
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You have some of the same symptoms I had before I was finally diagnosed with diabetes. I was so tired all the time and losing weight quickly. I sweated everytime I ate high carb foods such as sweets, potatoes, breads, rice and pastas.  I finally went to the doctor because of the awful fatique and tests showed I had uncontrolled diabetes. Please go to your doctor and tell him your symptoms.... Good luck to you
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Hi, did you get checked yet? Do you know what that was?
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