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Swollen Stomach after eating

My stomach swells after I eat and as the day progresses. I even took dairy and carbs (gluten, grains, etc.) out of my diet about 5 days ago. I have even been drinking a lot of green smoothies. I don't understand. It's not gas though. I have no clue what to do. I also tried water pills and probiotics.
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Hi, abdominal distension may be generalized or may be localized to a discrete mass or enlargement of an organ. The main causes of generalized abdominal distension are the five Fs: Fat (obesity), Faeces (constipation), Fetus (pregnancy), Flatus (gastrointestinal) and Fluid (ascites). You will need to consult your primary care physician, who may run blood, urine and stool tests and may sometimes ask for an ultrasonography to detect the cause for the abdominal distension. Regards.
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It doesn't feel like gas because I never relieve any gas. It feels like inflammation of the intestines or an organ or liquid buildup. Is Candida also an option? I really like the list you gave me because I can rule out fat, fetus, faeces, and I guess I can rule out gas. I cut out gluten and dairy a week ago and will give it a little while longer. I could be allergic to something.
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I have an appointment but it's not for another month from now. I'm trying to rule out candida, or leaky gut, or diverticulitis. Right now I'm doing a candida cleanse and most of the major flubbery bloat is there, but my stomach still bulges a bit and it's hard, not soft like water or gas.
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hi there has anyone suggested sphincter of oddi disfunction? have you had your gallbladder removed?
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