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Symptoms of IBS?

Hi there! I am a 20 y/o female and have gone to my doctor several times over the past two years about continual constipation and stomach pain but each time my doctor would tell me to eat more fruit or drink more water.
My symptoms are:
-constipation (I often go over a week without having a bowelmovement and am only able to pass stool if I take laxative)
-every month or so I will have about a week period where I have continual diarhea
-extreme bloating to the point where my stomach feels very hard
-I feel sick after every time I eat and have thrown up due to it occasionally
-Headaches after eating along with lightheadedness
-sharp pain when I press on my right lower abdomen (had blood work done to make sure my white blood cell count wasn't elevated)
-stomach aches after everything I eat

Please help, I have been to 3 different doctors all of which turn me away thinking I'm over exaggerating. This is taking over my life and making it so difficult to the point I just break down and cry because it hurts so bad.

Thank you.
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I am not overly familiar with IBS- but the symptoms sound like it could be IBS.  Are the doctors not taking you seriously due to your age or something else?  When I was 20 I had gallbladder issues, but they wouldn't begin to even look at that because I was so young and the didn't think it was possible- but sure enough- a year later, I finally was able to get some help.  Keep pushing the doctor for answers, sometimes they brush off patients too easily due to them not fitting in the 'box' of who should experience what.  
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