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Symptoms of diverticulitis?????????? Please Help!!

Hello everyone,I was hoping someone could help me out.I went to the ER last Monday,I was having lower abdomen pain as well as some lower back pain and painful urination.The doctor seemed to think it was kidney stones so he did a ct scan.He said he couldn't see any stones but they could have been vry small and in my ureter{not sure of spelling} he also said he saw some diverticulitis in my colon and to make appointment with family doctor.He rleased me with official diagnosis of kidney stones,motrin for pain.My family doctor isn't in for another 6 days,he's away.All week the pain in my abdomen has gotten increasingly worse,it hurts from the top of my ribcage all the way down.I feel constantly bloated and it feels like a huge gas bubble keeps moving around in my stomach.I have diarrhea and low grade temps and inside I'm freezing I can't get warm.This pain gets so intense it has kept me from sleep or any activity for days.Does this sound familiar to anyone who has suffered from diverticulitis?
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If there were kidney stones, then together with other symptoms, you'd experience burning during urination. Kidney stone can cause really strong and sharp colic pain on one side of abdomen (going elswhere from the kidney area in the back or by (usually) one side of abdomen down to the groin. This pain usually causes constipation.

Gas, bloating, diarrhea...this goes more with diverticulitis. Temperature means infection, you should get antibiotics (probably according to stool culture). 6 days is a lot to wait, go and have a stool test.
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Hi.  I have had multiple episodes of diverticulitis and I would recommend going to a GI doc and having tests done.  Some of the symptoms sound like they could be diverticulitis but may be something else.  In any regard, i would try to get into a doc sooner than 6 days....
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I had a kidney stone and went to the hospital, and was told it was 2 mm, and about to pass into my bladder where it wouldn't hurt anymore.  A few days later went to a different hospital they said it was 5mm and stuck in my ureter. I Had to have it surgically removed.  I did not have any burning during urinating with my kidney stone.  A couple days before passing my stone my stomach hurt everywhere (especially my lower abdomen and into my pelvis), I was really bloated, and it hurt to stand up for a long time.  I thought I had a really bad UTI.  I hurt like this for 3 days before I started passing my kidney stone. I was actually being seen by my Dr. When I started passing the stone. When I started passing the stone the pain moved to my upper back and around my side and was SEVERE. While passing my stone I threw-up several times, and my stomach was really upset.  
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