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Symptoms of dropped surgical clip

10 years ago I had my g/b removed by keyhole surgery. Last week by coinsidence an Open surgical clip was noticed in my pelvis above my bladder. As I was extreamly ill, abdominal pain, severe back ache, my doctor send me straight to hospital. This was the hospital where I had that surgety 10 years ago. Two doctors who examend me agreed that the symptoms I had were not related to the Clip. I do suffer from diverticulitys and i am confused. My pain has not settled in the last 3 weeks and I do not have a diverticulitys attack. Can anybody please tell me, what are the symptoms of having a clip in your pelvis?

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oh my gosh
the same thing just happened to me last weekend.
i had my appendix taken out by lap in march 08 and last week i had really bad tummy pain. s my doc sent me to hospital.
they did an x ray and it showed that 2 of the clips have come lose and are floating near my bladder. i am not sure that u really get any other symptoms. but sill. i thnk they should take them out!
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thank you,
my pains are still current.
Did your doctors suggest to remove those clips?
As I did say, my doctors still keep telling me, those clips do not cause any pain or are dangerous.
However, if your clips did fall off - where did they fall off from???
I would be very concerned.
My clip did not fall off, it was dropped.
I am concidering to sue the doctor, as he did not tell me at the time of surcery that a clip went missing -  in my body.
The x-ray did show that my clip is mobile. mooving around.
Good luck - get on to this very quickly.
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they didnt tell me that they dropped it so i guessed that it fell off. it is from my appendix it fell from.
the docs are concidering its removal becase it can pierce certain parts of your body.
they should of infrmed you of the fact that the dropped it. and i am guessing that the pain may be caused by the clip.
well when i get mine removed it will be interesting to see if i stops te pains.
are they doing other tests to find where the source of pain is coming from??
thank you
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as I do suffer from diverticulitis it is all blaimed on that condition, however, all blood test are always clear.
My backaches age getting worse and I do take pain tablets every night.
I will have to go to an other doctor - my doctor knows the specialist who took my GB out.
They all cover each other.
Will keep you up todate.

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That is the problem. They know each other so they will not blame one another. Go and see a totally different doctor.
How did you find out that they were actually dropped? Not just fell off? Because, i was only told recently that i had lost two. But they could’ve been there all the time. I don’t know.  
But did they admit to you that they dropped them in you? If so then they should’ve taken them out there and then when u had your GB removed.
Oooh and I’ve got a question. You know when your have your GB removed? Does that mean you have to be on medication for the rest o your life? I heard this but i am not sure if it is true or not!
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when I was admited to the hospital (with pain), which was co-incidence,  where I had my GB removed, two doctors confirmed that that clip was DROPPED during surgery.
It would not cause any problems unless an absess would build up around it.
Hard to believe as it is an open clip. - like the old hang in earing hook.
I do not need to take any medication. - GB removal is simple - no complications -
accept when they leave something behind - without telling you. - I am not happy about the whole thing - getting angry now - this is my body - they should have told me.
If it would have fallen OFF, I would have been in big trouble long ago.
I do suggest again - if your clips have fallen off, it is serious.
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I am so happy that I stumbled upon your site. I just found out last year after going to a chiropracter that I have a surgical staple in my ovary/pelivic area. The chiropracter asked me what type of surgeries I've had and I told him that I had my appendix out 10 years ago! He didn't believe me at first because he had no idea how the staple could've dropped. He was very concerned but didn't really give me advice on what I should do. I've had pain in my lower right abdomin area for years. I'm at the point where I want to find out if its the staple thats causing all my symptoms because its lodged somewhere or if its something else. If you have any more advice or more of your story to share, I'd love to hear feedback!!!
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my general doctor told me a few day's ago that the Doctor who performed the G/B surgery10 years ago should have told me after the opp that he had dropped a clip. - The Hospital knew and they did not tell me.
I am now ready to take legal action.
For years I have been diagnosed with Bladder infections, urial track infections, diverticulitis ect ect - blood test always were normal.
So now, where is all this pain comming from? The Clip is mobile.
Will give you more uptodate info soon.
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I am wondering if you are going to get surgery to get the clips removed...I had GB surgery two yrs ago and in so much pain in my stomach sometimes that I can't walk. I am taking 23 pills a day for inflammation and ulcers lining my GI tract, and am on a antibiotic that is $890 for a 5 day supply for a "possible" infection in my small bowel area. When I had a Small Bowel Series done( they suspected Crohns), they saw a clip down in my pelvic area. I am waiting on answers as well, and sick and tired of the pain and the meds! Please advise.
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change your doctor - start all new - explain your history and go from there. I think there is something very wrong with you.
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SURGICAL CLIPS IN THE PELVIS - I felt just like you do. The pain after my g/b surgery was so bad. Couldn't walk, sleep, laugh, nothing. I had surgery two months ago. After the g/b removal the pain was so bad I thought I would die. I pretty much lived on pain meds for about two months. I went back to the doctor one week after the operation and he could not imagine why I was having all this pain and how swollen my stomach was. He even ventured to make a comment to me which was - the only way you could be having this much pain is if I stitched your intestines. He sent me to a different office to have a cat scan and later that day said it was fine and I should give it a little longer to heal. Well a few week later wound up in the hospital with elevated blood pressure from the pain. After a few doses of morphine the took me up for a sonogram, cat scan and some x-rays. When the hospital got the results they told me they would consult with the surgeon who removed the gallbladder and at this point after me suffering for so long and the calls back and forth to his office I frankly did not want him even in the same room as me. To make a long story short you cant see a different doctor post op an operation. He came in he saw the results of everything and told me there is a problem and we should go right up to the operating room so he can do an exploratory operation to find the problem. I did not want him operating on me a second time so told him I would be back on Monday to do the surgery. I dont like hospitals but knew I needed this operation in order to get back to phsical activities and my normal life. Anyway the surgery was done and I felt much better than I did in a long time. I still had pain but not the severe pain I had experienced due to the first operation. This time I could actually walk. Still had to take pain med but only for two weeks and I am almost back to normal. I was very suspicious about this whole deal because the doctors response to what was found during the operation that he fixed was "I found nothing - but sometimes when you open it back up again it can fix itself. Can you even bellieve he said that! I gathered all of my medical records to inspect them myself and guess what - Low and Behold the was a clip in my pelvis. Now I wonder if when he saw it in the cat scan knew what he did wrong and went in there to fix it. I need another cat scan now to see if that clip is gone  because if it is then he went in there the second time and fixed his mistake and removed that clip. This is my conclusion of what happened. Hope you feel better but you really need to get cat scans or x-rays to see what is going on. All of my blood tests and everything was normal so you can't really tell from those things.
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I talked to the surgeon who did my surgery, and he said that there is no way the dropped clip could cause the pain, didn't even want to see me again. I contacted a lawyer (many people suggested I do), and they are looking into my medical records. I am so sick of being sick, not having energy, swallowing all of these pills that don't do anything. Now I will have to take B12 shots the rest of my life. Any more advice?
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I also have to take b12 but I am taking the pills because I dont want shots now I gather it is from the operation. Every surgeon will deny the fact that the surgical clips cause problems because they would be setting themselves up for lawsuits. I know my problem was that clip. My medical records are currently with a lawyer as well. I have to call him in a week to find out the status. I believe the laproscopic g/b surgery has not been studied long enough to know the long term effects. There are so many things that can happen. First is those clips that fall off were holding something important closed otherwise it would not be in there. Where is the fluid going if the clip isn't there to keep it closed? My surgeon also told me I had alot of scar tissue which was a lie - you dont get scar tissue from a lap g/b removal. The whole thing was a complete nightmare. I will keep you informed of everything.
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I would be so angry!  A foreign object in your body should not remain there.  I lost my son (31) and grandson (18) to negligence, botched surgeried, and withholding the fact that my son had a Desmoid tumor from us.  Finally, he started experiencing a lot of pain, and the tumor had grown to such proportion that it was crushing his internal organs and was dying.  Doctors will lie and cover up for each other, I've experienced so much of this and it makes me sick!  My husband is a pilot, and we were talking to a man that repairs the smaller personal aircraft, and he said most of his business comes from doctors crashing their plane.  He said they all have this "God complex" and think they can do no wrong.  Trust me, I've seen so much with my family and having worked for doctors that it is truly scarey!  My own gynecologist told me to never leave a loved one alone in a hospital!  Doctors don't seem to realize that they work for us, and are paid by us, so I ask many, many, many questions, and if I don't get answers I move on.  Also, remember that if your doctor "refers" you to someone, it's not because that person is good at what he does, it's a friend of his/hers.  So, find your own specialists.  Good luck to all of you, it's terrible that this is going on.  Good luck suing also, we couldn't with my son or grandson, hard to find another doctor to rat on one.  But then a woman bought a cup of hot coffee, burned herself and sued McDonalds and won?????
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I am sorry to hear about your lose. That is unimaginable. My heart goes out to you. The laws are a joke. I laugh everyday about the McDonalds lawsuit - Reward someone for stupidity!
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I sometimes wonder now if I have this problem But I have very different complications, I ahd my Gall Bladder removed 2 years ago by Lap and to this day My stomach is still ballonned up I look pregnant and Im skinny build 6'3". I first started out getting Stomach Bile coming out of my Behind and I get bad rashes on my backside and legs cause you can imagine if bile is supposed to break down fats whats it doing in my bowel and while its coming out. My Surgeon was useless as well and kinda refused to admit I had a problem, So Im going after him with the Collage of Physicians and surgeons here in Canada. Problem with My Lap surgury is its supposed to be 4 holes well I have 5 holes in my stomach and his explanation was sometimes we have to make an xtra hole while doing the surgury. Im taking Cholestyramine to try to help bind up the bile but when it hits it doesnt seem to help at all. Now I get Light Poop exited with the Bile and when I have to wipe so many times my behind starts to bleed fromt he acitity of the bile!!.

Anyone else have these problems .I take it my body doesnt know how to get rid of this bile now that the gall bladder is gone!! or something is messed up. I go see a specalist finally on May 11 2009 See if I can get somewhere with him!!
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I had surgery 3/17/09..after surgery...i still felt the back pain on the right side of my shoulder blade. I went to see the doctor and he sent me to get a CT scan and that came back normal....there was a note that said there are surgical clips inside..I was like wow....i didnt  know they have to leave that in there. Well I've had so many test done and nothing has been found like to say there is something wrong with me but why do i still have that pain in my upper right side of my back?? It's driving me crazy. I read all your stories here and I just can't beleive it.
I had this same pain when i had my gall bladder i was hoping it would go away once I had surgery but NOPE...that was not my case.
What else can I have the doctor check?? I had that one test where they look inside your stomach, i had tha CT scan....i had ultrasound...I mean what is left? I'm stressed out I'm tired of this back pain. It's not bad to liek be taking meds but its annoying already. I sisck of feeling discomfort.
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I also  had my Gall bladder removed as they said it needed to come  out and 3 months later I had the exact same pains in my back and I had un Ultrasound done and they said I had a Kidney stone. so I had it removed and the pain hasnt been back still.  I sometimes wonder if they guessed that it was my gall bladder when  it was a j=kidney stone all this time. So now I have to go to the bathroom when ever I eat something oiley or greasy and I have this bloated stomach from them cutting the muscle in my stomach to remove the gall bladder.
Makes ya wonder about these doctors and surgeons.
Get tested for kidney stones!!
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Sounds to me like you had happen what happened to me after my galbladder removal.  The doctors fail to tell you that 30% of the people who have their gllbladders removed eventually will have surgically induced Celiac Disease.  You need to go on a gluten free-dairy free diet IMMEDIATELY!  The gluten and casiene proteins in your food are not being digested by your intestines anymore, thus causing the horrible diarrhea problems.  Ikow, it happened to me for about eight years before I found the answer.  NO THANKS TO ANY OF THE FIVE OR SIX DOCTORS I SAW TO TRY AND FIGURE IT OUT.   You need biopsies done of your intestinal tract.  They'll probably show the damage villi, which lie down on the intestinal walls, thus not absorbing the nutrients in your food (ie the gluten in wheat, oats, rye, barley, malt, hops, and on and on and on), thus causing your food to literally pass right through you.  because you have no gallbladder, the liver attempts to take over its function of sporadically sending out the bile to break down you food, but it can't do that, so it only can do a DUMPING action of bile, also causing that horrible sense of urgency when you  get the diarrhea.    I wish you the best!
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I also had my appendix out in 1980, I also had a hysterecomy in 2002, however I have blood in my urine now and the doctor is ouzzled on why.
My hysterectony was suppose to be vaginal and ended up being done through nt abdoneb because the doctor ripped my bladder when she was extracting my uterus. They had to stop and perform an emergency repair on my bladder. I am thinking it is because she left a clip in my stomach and it now has shown up on my abdominal CT scan. Could it be that it has infected my bladder, well I don't know but it sure seems that something has messed my bladder up to cause blood in my urine. Any suggestions on how to find out?
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Hi, I had a hysterectomy done nov 2011.  A couple of weeks later I saw my family dr. As it felt like I had a urine infection.  I did a urine test which showed blood in urine. It was left as it could of been due to the healing.

Last week I had a very sharp pain in my pelvis and lower back and hip.  I went to the e.r and was told it was sciatica. I went to a chiropractor as I could not deal with the pain and was told it was the psoas muscle and saw yet another chiro the next day who said the same.

The chiro sent me for x rays but the machine was down so decided that since I had a dr. Appt I would go there.

Saw my family dr. Who took a urine sample and again, blood in urine so she made me an appt to get a ct scan which will be done tomorrow.  I left and went for X-rays.  The tech came to double check my yoga pants to make sure there wasn't any zippers, and told e that I had a surgical staple or clamp on my left side.

The pain I'm feeling makes the pain from the hysterectomy feel like a walk in the park.  It is unbearable and if not for strong painkillers I feel like I want to die.  

The pain is on the right, the clamp or staple on the left which I have seen as I have the disk.  Could it be possible that the pain is connected.?

Also, would the surgeon not have to tell you this foreign object was left in if he knew or could it be a mistake.

I am going to go to the hospital and ask for my surgical report.  I'm guessing we have a right to this.  If it is not clear in the report this guy is going to be having a bad day.

I'm not impressed, but at the same time will be relieved if it is the root of my problem as the psoas muscle pain can be chronic.

If someone out there help me I would appreciate it.
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I had almost same prolbem you had but they found a stample on my uterus attched to my spine never showed in xrays or mri. Now im have more pain in my si joint had injection 2 times not sure mabye i should tell them what gyn found cuz she said they never should use staples inside a body ever that help me but now pain same thing i have in lumber spine and si joint iv had more xrays and mri but nothing shows. Im seeing a pain doctor and mabye i should tell him cuz my pain never goes away and i am almost 9 years ago the gastric bypass most doctos dont beleve me when they never see anything in xrays i have a rememtology doctor iv told him my back hurt he never did anything but give me pain pills now they really dont work cuz long term use of them . I hope ya get better iv never tell anyone to do gastric bypass after this i was happy with wait loss but never again for this kind of pain
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I have a 'dropped surgical clip' in front of my bladder and have a lot of pain like a kidney stone stuck in the ureter. I had a ct scan to look for a stone and if I hadn't gotten my own copy of the report I might never have known it was in there. The report said no stone, so I have to wonder if the clip is causing the pain. If you know someone in the medical field, find out if there's someone they can ask. I have several nurses in my family I'm going to ask. Where the clip is and where the pain is is too much coincidence.
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I have samples inside me. I have been in pain nearly 3 years. I went for a X-ray and I have a row of samples each side of my tubs. Are the suppose to be their ? No one never told me about the I do not want to sue them I just want them to pay for them to come out!! I hurt everyday they keep saying it is pms but it isn't I feel like it is something else:(  
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