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Hello, I'm a 32yr old female. I have been having a strange lump sensation down my throat for the past 10 days or so, it feels like something is inside my bottom of throat by neck area, it doesn't hurt but is very bothersome, belching relieves it for a second....Also I had nausea for a week. I don't smoke or drink. What could thisss be?  I don't have any insurance so if I want to get it checked out who do I go to?  Thank-you so much for any advice.

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i'd see a gi dr. or your regular doctor first. i have had this feeling too. they're looking into gallbladder issues. would also like to hear what others think. it could be so many different things
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See if a GI doctor would take you as a private pay patient without a referral to try to get you a proper diagnosis.  One thing that can cause belching and nausea is a large hiatal hernia.   You also might consider whether or not you have been feeling stressed out lately, as anxiety can cause people to feel like they have a lump in their throat and can cause nausea too.
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Had the lump in throat feeling for over 3 years.  Just had galbladder out on oct 29, 2012 and the bothersome lump is gone.  I had no galstones or serious attacks, just thought it was indigestion.  Apparently I have had this galbladder problem for over 10 years and didn't realize what it was.  First indication was from an ultrasound and next test was a HIDA scan.  The hida showed a 27percent ejection rate of bile from the galbladder.  My surgon felt it should come out (normal ejection rate is above 35) but i never dreamed the lump in throat feeling could be connected.  Well apparently it is connected because my problem is gone.  Do yourself a favor and talk to a Dr. about having the tests for galbladder.  Nausea is a sure sign of Galbladder problems also.  Good Luck.  
Finally I’ve found someone who makes me feel like I’m not crazy! I’ve had a lump in my throat aka Globus sensation for almost 6 months. After having a HIDA scan which showed my ejection rate is only 19% and showing Murphy’s Sign during an ultrasound the surgeon said it wasn’t my gallbladder and I needed to see a GI doctor because I probably had a hiatal hernia. So I thought that was crazy because the tests all shows it’s my gallbladder.
So I go to the GI and have a scope done. Everything looked great! Which is good news but here I am still having the lump in my throat which gets worse as the day goes on plus other symptoms. So the GI doctor says it’s your gallbladder. Well by now I’ve got lots of medical bills and haven’t gone to see a different surgeon yet. Thinking it must be all in my head and hoping it would just go away.
So I’m so grateful you posted your debbieinwv708 because I know it must be my gallbladder. Thank you!
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