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Throat pain after vomiting

I had an episode of forceful vomiting 5 days ago, and my throat has been sore since. It's the top part of my throat, but I can't tell whether it's esophagus or trachea pain. Antacids and tylenol don't seem to help. It doesn't hurt with breathing or swallowing, but is more of a constant dull pain. I don't have any other symptoms at all. Any idea of what it could be? Does it sound like any kind of emergency?
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You have an acid burn in the esophagus caused by relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter. It will heal in time. Meanwhile do not eat anything within three hours of lying down and take occasional sips of water. Often these areas become prone to infection, viral or bacterial. A staph infection commonly develops. Tylenol is contraindicated. A few teaspoons of honey (with the comb - processed honey loses bactricidal qualities) every few hours will help. If you develop fever or develop any mucus in your lung see a physician ASAP. Viral infections are generally self-limiting.
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