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Throat/swallowing pain, squezing sound, air-filled salliva pressed up.

It startet with what I called "throat pain". I have no fever, had no head-ache and no problems with my ears. I told my doctor it come a squezing sound from my throat and that I could press up air-filled spit from my swallow.

It escalated to invalidating, constant throat pain. I told my doctor that the pain escalate while swallowing spit and shortly relieve when eating mouthfulls of food or drink. All kind of excaminations of my throat showed "no asymmetri - no pathology".

I told my doctor: The only thing I can imagen that causes horrible pain and which is invisible on "pictures" is air.

After using neti-pot I suddenly realized that the pain and swallowing issue relieved for a short while. After practising this several times a day, I could hear a crackeling sound in my ears while swallowing. I calculated that the throat/swallowing-pain was a result of excessive air in mouth pressed down when I swallowed - into my pharynx. When my nose-swallow was  "impregnated" by water-solution, the eustachian tubes opened up for air to flow into them and up the middle ear.

I have to repeat this over and over again, not to get swallowing issue and pain.

Why doesn't my eustachian tubes open easy by themselves? How was it possible to have problems with eustachian tubes, without having problem with clogged ears? What has happened?

I remember using tooth-brush in an infected tooth night and day to avoid tooth pain. Could the toothpaste mixed with salliva, entered my eustachian tubes and stuck all around in it?

I was in Litauen on holliday one month before. Had sauna and ice-bathed. Could something have happened then?

New terrible problem has arrived. I was deseperate when I found out about the neti-pot effect and did a huge-huge mistake. I pressed water into them. Made Vasalvas manoevre with and without water. Hard. I think I've put meself in some kind of barotrauma. Got tinnitus and head-ache following it. Anything is better than the devilish throat-pain, but my life is still ruined...

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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  I would recommend seeing an ENT doctor about this to fugure out what is going on, instead of trying to treat yourself.
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Thanks for your comment and trying to guide me.

I never thought I would have to treat me self. After 3 ENT-visits to the same doctor and 1 visit to the University hospital without any understanding, I had to try to treat me self.

This has been wery-wery painful. I've given up several times. Thorugh the 14 month of pain, I even set two time-limits for how long I would stand the pain. I managed to find this out by myself after 13 months.

When you have unexplainable pain, or as I see it now, a painful condition unknown to healthpersonell, you have to find out of the problem yourself. I think I even have found out something new - not known by ENTs. Something about the "pneumatics" of swallowing and eustachian tube.

I write here to share my insight. I have read about 10 post in different fora about people having small "burps" from their throat and painful knot in the bottom of their throat. I've had it all, and managed to get rid of it.

If some of you read this, I would really like to hear what happened in advance, since I cant find a direct cause myself, except neck-problems and a driving accident, being over-worked, having two personell crises within 3 months, using tooth-pase in a wounding tooth, taking sauna with ice-bathing right after and moving into a new house in a plase with different climate than I was used to.
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I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help and I'm sorry you couldn't get answers from your doctors.

But I do truly understand what it is like to have pain that doesn't respond to normal treatments.  I've been hospitalized for a week now getting a bunch of treatments for my pain.  I know being in pain is tough, but I hope yours improves soon so that it can be more tolerable!
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Thanks for encouragement. I can control the causes for the throat pain now, so it's almost non-existent. But I've got a new problem, because I was too tough using a neti-pot when i understood the mechanism of pain and cause, so now I've developed a tinnitus and a little feeling of living in a "glass bowl". I'd rather have this condition, cause it's not painful, but it'll be tough getting used to it.

You say you're hospitalized. Is it because of throat pain as I've had? Have they found the cause or is it (just) pain-management?
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Good, I'm glad it's almost non existent.

No I'm hospitalized for pain but from a different origin and for different reasons.  They think they will be able to reduce my pain and have me go home in less pain, so it is not really just pain management.
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