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Too much accumulation of gas that it starts to pain plss help

I'm 21 and I suffer too much gas after eating mid day meal that I've to exercise at evening to release gas  .same problem with dinner I've walk for 2 hours after eating cause of bloating and gas..
I cut down on dairy and gluten still have severe gas problem, no heart burn only gas .I can't able to focus on anything because most of my time is wasted in walking and exercise. Problem is too worse that I can't even sit after eating my stomach gets too bloated that I've to walk ..to release gas and I don't do that its start's to pain then ive to get myself moving :(
I Need help ..some doctors says it's IBS I don't know. Ive consulted many doctors also done endoscopy.. took fiber's, omeprazole ..used probiotics... I eat curd daily..also took supplement of vitamins like D suggested by doctors..I used to have mucus in my stools but after cutting on gluten and dairy it stopped but there's no relief in gas ...I don't have any mental issues like anxiety or depression either  ( I'm doing everything I can ...im tired of dealing with this pls any help is appreciated ..I've my whole future ahead of me. I can't let this hold me back ..plsss help plss
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