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Touching stomach causes pain, cramps, diarrhea

My question is mainly aimed at Dr. Kevin Pho, as I've read a couple of his answers, and respect his opinions. In any case, I am a 27 year old male. The problem I've had has lasted as long as I can remember, and fluctuates in intensity for no apparent reason over various periods of time. My problem is this:
When certain things touch various small areas of my stomach, including sides, solar plexus area, central lower, and just around toward my back on the sides, and the touch lasts for a period of time longer than a couple moments, it causes discomfort that begins small, and gradually grows until it causes severe stomach cramps, and can lead to diarrhea and/or vomiting.
I seem to have become used to certain things, for instance, wearing a t-shirt doesn't bother me all the time. However, on certain days, everything causes it. the blanket lightly resting on my stomach, or a fold in my jacket touching a part of my side, or the draw-string on a sweater causing very slight pressure on my solar plexus area, or the seat belt of my car touching my stomach. On those days, I cannot sleep unless I sleep on my back, with the blanket below my stomach, and nothing touching, or coming close to my stomach. This can, as would be obvious, be very difficult in winter. I am constantly adjusting my clothing and anything coming close to my stomach to try and avoid the problem. None of my doctors have seemed to listen to me or understand what kind of torture this causes, have constant, debilitating stomach cramps and diarrhea/vomiting simply because something touches my stomach (no pressure necessary. Just simple touch.)

I do not know if it is really related, and I hesitate to present it here as this is a forum for stomach problems, but I have a related issue around my neck and throat. I cannot have t-shirts with normal collars, or zip a jacket up too high, because if things touch my throat or the front of my neck, it seems to cause, somehow, a buildup of mucous in the back of my throat, to the point where my throat will clog up and I cannot breathe or, at the very least, I will have extreme difficulty breathing and am constantly trying to cough up the mucous. When this has happened during the night, I have woken myself up choking and unable to breathe until I changed position enough to get the blanket or whatever away from my throat, and coughed up whatever had accumulated there.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I highly recommend you to Aurveda science as west science is unable to heal the people but create more pain and confusion.

Please consider to visit an ayurvedic doctor in your neighbour hood.

Let me go through my story in short:

I was also experiencing extreme pain in my stomach, horrible gastric, stomach tumble, etc. To express in details it was like heat from inside causing to dry mouth and heat on my tongue for long time. Extreme pain in the stomach area feeling like having a fire inside of me. I experienced whole my body become literally red. I couldn't really find any answer from west science to solve this disorder until I came to India and got introduced to Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient indian science which has very different perspective towards west.

Based on Ayurveda every person has a different constitution, Wind, fire and earth. If we like to have a healthy life style we have to keep the all 3 elements balanced in our body. When we have the 3 elements balanced we feel happy and joyful. This science is very simple but has a depth in understanding nature out and in.

I am Pitta person, meaning my fire is overtaking on the other two elements thats I was feeling so much heat and dry mouth. I should cool myself with cold nature food to keep the balance and harmony.
Zucchini, cabbage, white rice, Broccoli, Potato, Coriander (seeds and herb) , Cocao, Coffee, Okra, Banna, Apple, mango, Coconut, Pomegranate etc. are having cooling effect on the body and should be consumed by Pitta (Fire) people.

I should take very little or highly avoid following foods having fire element in summer time:
Tomato (oh I god i love them), dried fruits and nuts, garlic, onion, Spinach, Spirulina, or any food that has a lot of Iron in it. Highly avoid sour and salty food in summer.

The main basic is to recognise which food is good for Pitta person is  by its taste. Any food that is sweet, Astringent and bitter is good for cooling the pitta people.

If you like to figure out exactly which elements are dominant in your body, please take online test to determine yours:

Please read below article of conscious food combining to avoid indigestion which causes gas in intestine:

If you like to change your perspective towards health and life in general I highly recommend you to read few books on this topic written by Vasant Lad and David Frawley. “Ayurveda: The Science of Self-healing : a Practical Guide” is one of the most popular books.

Meditation and Yoga increase mind and body health. Please consider practising calming your mind with guided meditation and exercising/ stretching your muscles (tissues) with Yoga regularly everyday.
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