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Toxic Megacolon?

Ok, I realise that I posted this in my other question, but I thought I'd start a new one to be more efficient.

Since my colonoscopy when I was diagnosed with UC, I have been feeling very constipated for the last 10 days (only had a few unsubstantial movements) and am in general discomfort. There is visible bloating, I feel full all of the time and my heart rate goes way up from the slightest physical movement.

I really doubt that I have TMC, but it is always a risk in IBD patients, so should I be worried? If so, what action should i take?

Thankyou all for reading this!
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Hi Tennis, I'm not that familiar with toxic megacolon (know it's serious), but I'm familiar bowel obstrucions, partial bowel obstructions, and UC.  I read your other note, and yes - it's possible you could have a partial bowel obstruction going on or a bowel obstruction.  If you keep feeling uncomfortable like this and have had a sudden change in your bowel after the colonoscopy, you need to be seen ASAP  (and don't wait until you are in totally severe pain).  Nothing wrong with getting this checked and being on the safe side.  

How severe were your symptoms with the UC prior to the colonoscopy?   Were you having bloody diarrhea, urgency to go, pain?  The reason I ask - My dad had a total colectomy for UC (he'd had UC for at least 15 prior to the colectomy).  He felt like a brand new man after the total colectomy (GI surgeons took the whole colon out including the rectum)  and wished he'd had it done when his symptoms of UC first began because UC pretty much ruled his life.  The colectomy was done on him about 10 or 12 years ago, and so - he was probably in his late 60's / early 70s when he had it done.  

Best of luck.  And... Happy Holidays!  

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Hi again tennis,

I replied to your first post. Hope you feel better soon!
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