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Trapped Wind!

Hi I have a knife like feeling in the right side of my abdomen. I suffer with severe bloating and trapped wind. IBS also.... I’ve tried every possible remedy, the only thing that mildly helps is a teaspoon of bi-carb with a mouthful of water. Now I’ve had all test via blood and my CA125 is raised to 43. My scan came back normal, but my doc is still sending me to rapid access gyny..... obviously my brain is working overtime and I’m very nervous.... but, the problem does to me and my family sound more gastric/colon, area. As I’m writing this I have the urge to push hard into my stomach and “push” the gas out. I also feel I need a number 2.... I do have constipation as I take strong painkillers for back pain. As a teenager I had Bulimia, this lasted 17 years. I have severe heartburn also, due to damage I’ve done to myself. My endoscopy came back normal last year. Mild inflammation. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had what I’m experiencing? Pain from trapped wind and ibs is horrific!!!! I now have a fluttery sensation around my rectum.. I’m so worried, I have never been on a forum before, so please accept my apologies for the essay.
Zahra x
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Hi Zahra. That sounds awful what you're going through and it does sound as though you have a history of damage to your gut unfortunately :( I'm going through a myriad of GI issues myself for the past year or so and even have a CT scan this coming Wednesday! At first I was struggling with a TON of bad acid reflux and then aspiration of the reflux. Plus severe pain whenever I would eat. Now though, after a few months of bone broth (you should perhaps Google this if you're interested in healing some of your damage), my symptoms have lessened but I seem to experience some trapped wind as well. At least it's what I think it is. I get the severe pain in my chest area though extending up my neck and I feel an urge to burp whereas you feel an urge to push the gas out. I guess yours is lower and mine is upper? The pain can take my breath away and completely ruin my day and I'm really tired of it. I'm still going to keep going with the bone broth and maybe try reducing carbs and bad food even more, although I'm not someone who believes in completely eliminating food as it is difficult to put back into your diet afterwards!
Anyway, sorry I'm not much help but at least wanted to tell you that you're not alone and there are so many of us suffering gastro problems :( I am so fed up of mine and just want to feel normal again but very afraid it may not happen at this point as I am nearing 40. Good luck.
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