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Trapped gas and acid

I am 30 years old. Seen a gastrologist a month and a half ago. Did many test including colonoscopy and endoscopy. All results and biopsies came back normal except for a hernia on my esophagus and Internal Hemroids.  As of this moment my stomach is swollen and pain from belly button to middle end of rib cage. Can't burp no matter what I do all that comes up is acid. I have vomited yellow about 3 times today because of the pressure of the gas. Also have trouble passing gas thru the other way as well. The doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux and IBS. The only thing I drink is water nothing else and have been for 3 months now. Lowered my fiber intake. No dairy what so ever. Stopped eating all grain wheat and bread also stopped eating fried and greasy foods. Have been taking mirolax for the constipation also Prilosec for acid reflux. Nothing is helping or working. In pain and misery every day. Since procedures has also had water mouth so much so that I have to constantly spit because swallowing causes more gas and pain. Any suggestions please.
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what foods are you eating? and i suggest not taking miralax. why did you cut back on fiber?
are you eating or drinking anything acidic? Coffee, tea, tomato, orange, peach, etc? if consuming anything acidic, stop. Try a different acid reducer like Nexium or pepcid.
The trick with IBS is to figure out what causes issues, this will work for reflux too. Keep a journal of everything you eat and drink. then keep track of how you feel as far as stomach and reflux goes.
I'd also suggest finding a good nutritionist. GI are of little to no help if your problems are food related.
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