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Two anorectal polyps found in colonoscopy, why the Dr. doesn't remove them?

I just had my colonoscopy done today, a long wait after I had 2 bleedings and found irregular stool caliber/shape with more frequent anal rectum pain and pressure.
The first PCP did an anoscope and told me it was internal hermoroid, went to another and referred me to this colorectal surgeon, today after the procedure done in my recovery, he told me, we found something, polyps, from anal verge. Come to my office in two weeks.
I followed, do they look benign? He said yes then left, but I don't understand why didn't he remove the polyps during the colonoscopy operation for biopsy? Why in two weeks, is this a good sign or not?
I was given the report and saw the pics of all, the polyps have no stalks, neither flat, just smooth surface lumps with the same color to the surrounding mucus lining. One has a teet like long tip on the side. Not sure I can upload the pics, I suspect one could be a hypertrophied/fibrous anal papillae?Or some growth from my old fistula surgery? I hope both are benign and not cancerous.
Does anyone know why my condition is handled like this? What are the chances the polyps are benign or otherwise? Any protocols that my surgeon has to have me wait for two weeks?

Your response and input are highly appreciated!
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