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ULQ Pain - From my hiatal hernia or pancreas?

I had my gallbladder removed two months ago, and an egd found a small hiatal hernia. I'm 40, fairly healthy. Prior to the operation, and after, I've had a pain on my left side, which feels like a faint version of the acute pancreatitis I had a few years ago. The location is the same as the pancreatitis.

The pain it is:

- Sore to the touch sometimes
- Directly below the middle of my left rib
- Sometimes in the middle or right
- Might crawl up my chest, to the right
- Not bad enough to take medicine for, but bad enough to concern me
- It is somewhat related to eating -- it can activate when eating, it can also just be there. What I eat doesn't seem to matter. (I don't drink).

I'm just wondering if the location sounds right for hiatal hernia. If there's a problem from the pancreas, I don't want my doctor to just put it onto the hiatal hernia.

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Ask your dr to do blood/lab tests for pancreas results.  Also a CT scan may help to see what is cause.  My chronic pancreatitis pain is taking a toll on me.  
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It turns out this seems to just be stomach stuff -- taking a PPI for a few days makes it go away, and then eventually it comes back.
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