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ULQ pain x2yrs, 50lb weight loss, pain w/eating, dilated duct..MRCP "ok"?

PANCREAS QUESTION, THANKS! 46yr f w/history of sensitivity in ULQ X 6 yrs. Alcoholism in full sustained remission x 3yrs. All care is thru VA hosptal system. May 09, I was admitted w/severe ULQ pain, 40lb weight loss & bloody stool. Acolonoscopy/endoscopy revea benign polyps, diagnosed w/Celiac & eosinophilic gastroenteritis, egg & dairy allergies. Strictly observed diet since, gained 11lbs, but couldn't sustain as severe gastro attacks recur, increasing in severity & frequency w/3 hospitalizations since June '10. ULQ always sensitive, feels swollen from inside, abdomen always slightly indented just below ribs on left at center of painful area.  Attacks occur 2-3 times mo'ly, last for hrs to weeks & include: nausea, loss of appetite, burning stomach (severe) w/food or water (not GERD),severe pain (throbbing/stabbing/stinging) below left ribs thru to back, seeing spots (maybe unrelated, but sense of smell is way more intense & nauseating)radiating across upper back, cramping diarrhea and orange or black stools, painful belching
Treatment includes: budesonide (steroid for stomach), zantac & prevacid, topamax,metoclopramide, magnesium & potassium for muscle spasms. TYLENOL ONLY prescribed for pain x2 yrs (agony!)
Ulatrsound shows dilated pancreatic duct. Lipase & the othe blood markers are ok.Unsure re: diabetes. Tumor markers neg. Today's MRCP is "ok" per dr. (??) Discharged again w/o improvement, understanding whatissue is or treatment to relieve pain (debilitating). Can anyone advise/point me in the right direction? Getting frantic.
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