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Hello i have been having very bad pain on my right side that started under my ribcage then my back began to hurt badly on the right about midway  Im having spasms inside sharps pains mostly under the ribcage once in awhile in abdomen . I was having extreme pressure and gurgling with the pain. Also tightness in my chest and minor pain there. I have been taking NSAIDS for close to ten years now , I have been to the ER 5 times this week  I had 2 full blood work ups, 3 urine screens, a lower cat scan w/o contrast , an unoffical ultrasound the dr called it,and chest xray And they said other than my kidney function being a little low everything looked ok.  I am getting desperate  Would any of these tests pick up an ulcer if it were this? Could this be cancer? A missed blocked kidney stone?  The Er Drs said follow up with my primary care but im afraid it may be too late by the time this is found !!!!   Tonight after i drank a 5 hr energy within a few minutes i had horrible stabbing pains felt like a hot poker was jabbed in my back right side  If i push up under my ribcage on the right side not too far its the worst pain ever feels swollen and inflammed, Ive also lost weight recently even though im eating ok  PLZ HELP!!!!!!!
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That's a great thing to drink if you think you have an ulcer.
You need to have an upper endoscopy, lay off the NSAIDS
and the high potency energy drinks. Get yourself an otc
acid reducing medication like Prilosec see how it works
if you don't feel better in about a week see a gastroenterologist.
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Thanks and i know havent drank one since
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