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Undiagnosed RUQ Pain, getting married in two months.

28, Male, 250 lbs, 5'8".

History.  Diet and aerobic weight loss of 30 lbs over last 6 months, back is not 100%, intermittent insomnia.  No significant allergies/conditions.

Went to doctor 3 weeks ago to address a lingering discomfort that presented as a tickle, itch, all the way up to a stabbing pain that would come and go in a split second.  Had had discomfort in that area before, always attributed it to gas or some other digestive issue.

Had a weekend of multiple events with greasy/sugary/acidy food.  Woke that monday feeling really horrid, generalized sick feeling.  Next day awoke with back pain, which was much more pronounced on the right side.  Thought kidney stones initially, urine test, no protein.  *Doctor prescribed Ibuprofen.*  I took it on occasion, but did not take it unless pain was bad.

Blood test ordered, all liver, panc, kidney function normal.  *High White Blood Cell Count*  Pain presented now in right side under ribs, with branching pain to center underneath sternum.  Seemed to be associated with meals.  Often food alleviated pain. (Was thinking ulcer)  Often uncomfortable to sleep on right side.

Ultrasound ordered to rule out gallstones.  No gallstones.  *Slightly fatty liver, small polyp in GB.*  HIDA ordered.

Intense heartburn presented.  Doctor reccomended Prilosec OTC.  She was still leaning toward gallbladder.  Day after started taking Prilosec, pain was the worst it had been at that point.  Note, to mitigate the pain, i was taking Ibruprofen.  Realizing that if it was an ulcer, I stopped taking the Ibruprofen.  Prilosec seemed to help after that.

Felt as if improving.  Had HIDA done.  Normal results.  Day I got the results (before I got them, just to rule out my brain turning against me), started feeling worse.  This weekend was rough, pain is nearly constant.  Which brings us to today.  Have a GI apt in 3 days.

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you should probably get a upper endoscopy done to confirm if it is ulcers. i have them, and have had similar symptoms and thoughts of my brain turning against me. i took the Prilosec OTC for about a week before stopping, it offered no relieve. But without an endoscopy most insurances won't even let one pill of Nexium or Aciphex fall into a prescription bottle. Your GI will probably order an endoscopy and if the Priolsec is no longer working, may give you some samples of Nexium to try out while you wait for the results of the scope. Without any tests or pictures of what's going on in there, there's very little chance of recieving a persciption for the better medications ( I feel that the Nexium worked better than Prilosec, and that Aciphex worked better than both). the greasy, acidic, and overall bad for you foods must be cut out. these foods with irritate existing conditions and/or create new ones if it's GERD or gastritis.

good luck, and i hope everything gets better for you soon. :]
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Thanks for the response, hopefully I can get a upper GI next week, going Thursday for gi consult.  Prilosec definitely killed my heartburn, but I still have pain, which, if I'm correct, is a sign it could be an ulcer.  I have cut out bad foods, just think they were the causative agent.
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hope everything works out well, and your pain disappears. don't rule out gallbladder, i did for a while and now have to meet with a surgeon later today to discuss removing it. the gallbladder, if not functioning right or stones, can be the evil thing driving the other issues. at least, in my case, they think so! :]
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