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Undiagnosed upper left quadrant abdominal pain

I have had upper left abdominal pain for 2 years. I am a 37 year old female. I’ve had numerous tests, scans , xrays and nothing shows up. The location is on my left ribs. It will get swollen when it’s bad. It constantly feels like there is something “in” there- right on top of my ribs. Doctors can’t explain the swelling. It is triggered by physical activity- pushing a grocery cart is unbearable! Anything with bending, pushing , lifting makes it worse. It’s hard since I’m a mother to young children.

I’ve tried 2 trigger point injections and am now on Gabapentin. Nothing seems to work. The only thing that helps is a lidacain patch.

I want my active lifestyle back! Any ideas?

Thank you!
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