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Unexplained chronic nausea with tightness in throat

First, thank you for reading, I appreciate any insight.

I have been experiencing nausea sensations every day for around 8 months now. I say sensations because sometimes it is nausea from my stomach and other times it's a nausea that comes from my throat. I have seen many doctors and specialists who have so far found nothing. To date, this is every test and trial medication I've taken:
- pantoprazole
- Zantac syrup
- nexiumHP7
- metoclopramide
- motilium (currently taking)
- Flixotide (currently taking for possible Eosinophilic Oesophagitis)
- ondansetron (currently taking when nausea is unbearable)

The tests I have taken are:
- all blood tests including FBC (nothing found)
- endoscopy (nothing found except slight inflammation in lower oesophagus)
- MRI of the brain (nothing found)
- ultrasound of abdomen (nothing found)

Doctors are stumped. They do not know what the cause of my nausea is and I am slowly giving up and feeling like my life will never be the same. Now I am just trying to get by day to day by managing my symptoms with medication, ginger or eating at timed intervals when I know my nausea is not that bad (it is particularly bad in the evening before dinner time).

If someone could please give me se advice or anyone who is going through the same thing, I would love to hear from you and what works to help you.

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It sounds like you may have GERD. Do some research on that to see if it fits your symptoms.
I see that you did not have a CT scan done? If not, I recommend having one done if possible. In my opinion it's a little better than an ultrasound.
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Hi, thanks for responding.
My doctor has ruled out GERD from endoscopy and also when I was on pantoprazole and Zantac, symptoms should have improved within two days but it persisted for over two weeks... I will try request a CT scan, thank you
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