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Unexplained stomachaches and abdominal discomfort

I'm sorry for the novel you're about to witness, but I've been battling this thing for a little while (and writing down the symptoms as they change), and my nerves are shot.

I'm 28, Male, and around 245(trying to cut down). I do have problems with acid reflux, and have for a long time. I'm on a 20mg dosage of Omeprazole per day, and even that doesn't help all the time. Around 4 years ago, I went to the ER for bad pain in my right side. They ran a few tests, and the doctor seemed to think I had a bout of colitis. I ended up consulting a Gastro about the problems, and ended up getting a colonoscopy, as well as endoscopy, neither of which showed any problems in the slightest. Cut to around 2 years ago, and I have the pain return, but in the other side. Again, after an ER visit, nothing showed, and I went on to be alright, with occasional bouts with duller versions of the pain off and on, until now.

For roughly two and a half weeks, I would begin getting dull , but persistent stomachaches. 95% of the time, it happened after/during the lunch time hours in the day. I thought it was something I had been eating, so I began to cut things out of my diet (started with dairy, and greasey foods) to no avail. Also throughout the week, I had been using the bathroom fine, with normal, healthy stool, but I began noticing a yellow discoloration on the toilet paper afterwards.

Cut to this passed Saturday night, when I began to experience a dull ache in the right side of my abdomen, around the ribs. I was hoping to sleep it off, so I just tried to ease my anxiety, and go to sleep. Sunday morning, I decide to make two eggs to eat, and roughly an hour later, I had bad stomach cramps. I ended up with a bout of diarrhea , but it was an unusual consistency, sort of ribbon like and "fluffy" if that makes sense. It was also a yellow color, and extremely greasy (especially on tp). The pain also persisted in my right side, but not being anything truly bothersome. I set up an appointment with my doctor for the coming Friday to be safe. As the week continued however, the pain began to move; At first it went into my lower right back (almost feeling like a pulled muscle), then into my lower left side, and lower left rib area. Now, it feels like its in the area right underneath my shoulder blades on both sides, and I still have a bit of a nagging stomach ache. Also throughout the week, I've gone between constipation, normal stool, and then soft stool. Nothing even close to what happened Sunday, but still enough of a change to worry me.

On Friday, I had my appointment; my doctor seems to think it could be gallbladder related (which my Grandfather, and Mother both had serious problems with, leading to the organs removal), so he had blood taken , as well as sent me to get an ultrasound. I haven't heard anything back yet, unfortunately. I'm essentially writing this out to calm my fears, and to possibly get some further insight from the folks here.

My biggest concern is that the pain has been rather persistent, with or without food, and gets worse when too much pressure is applied to the area (like sitting against a chair/couch a certain way). I know that the symptoms are frighteningly similar to a couple varieties of Cancer, but I'm hoping that I'm missing something somewhere and it's not *as* bad as that.
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Whoops, I also forgot to write that I've acquired a bit of a dry cough and cold, although the cough's not persistent.
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James, it does sound quite a bit like gallbladder issues. Did you hear anything back from your doctor yet?
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Unfortunately, I still have heard nothing from them. I think with the weekend , and MLK day, It put everything a bit behind. I did leave a message today but received no call back.

The pain has remained fairly persistent today, although at one point I had a pretty unpleasent pain shooting up into my left shoulder blade. I'm unsure if it was due to the current problem, or something to do with my posture (I work at a desk all day, constantly on the phone). Seems to be better for right now, minus discomfort in the lower left back.
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Well, the results came back;

He asked to run various different blood tests, all of them came back negative. I've also had a test for H. Pylori (believe that's the name) a few months ago, and that was negative as well.

Ultrasound showed no stones, and no sludge build up. He should they couldn't get a good view of the pancreas, but it looked alright from what they could get.

The pain has remained pretty persistent all the while. Pain under my left shoulder while breathing in deeply, as well as strong discomfort in both sides of my lower back/abdomen. It's beginning to drive me insane; I'm unsure of what to eat, what I can take, etc.
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I have some of same issues.. Been to my second GI doctor today .. They testing me for parsites and took blood to see if my liver is ok and if it is up it can mean gallbladder trouble.. It is so hard having all these test and it don't show anything but we know there is something wrong.. Have you had the hinda scan done?  My husband had problems too did the ultrasound .. And show nothing  but did the scan and it show it wasn't working so he had it remove and is fine now.. I have been dealing with this for 4 months now .. Sick all the time I lost weight  and have the loose stools with the yellow to it.. I hope you get your answers soon.. Being sick like this  is very depressing .. God bless you
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i have all the same symptoms exactly. i have tried gluten free which has helped some but my pain in the right said back is presistant. i get nausea in the mornings and after i eat something that does not agree with me. i have had all the test going on twice now i get my second ultra sound saturday. but everything comes back negative but i am still sick. i heard gallbladder disease is very hard to diagnose but at this point i am desprate and eating all gluten free. good luck and please keep us posted
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Thank you so much for your well wishes; I will be going back to the doctors this Friday , and will be discussing the HIDA scan with him. I definitely understand the depressing aspect...it's beginning to effect me at work, and it's just diminishing quality of life right now.  

Good luck to you two as well...thoughts will be with you.
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You should talk to the doctor about possibly getting a HIDA scan done; it can help provide information on how well your gallbladder (amongst others) is actually working. Too high, or too low, and they'll recommend removing it. I'll be discussing getting one done this Friday.
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