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Unintentional weight loss, very worried it's cancer!!

In the last 9 months, I have lost 10lbs without trying.  Since realizing the weight loss a month ago, I have been eating everything under the sun but have not gained weight, maintaining at 93lbs for my 5"1" frame.  I am in my mid-thirties.  My thyroid and labs for Celiacs are normal.  Other than cancer and celiacs, what are some other causes for not being able to gain weight.  I am scared beyond belief that I have colon cancer since there is a family hx with my mother.

I have both an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy scheduled next week- and feel extremely anxious for the results.  Hoping to hear other peoples thoughts here.  I have also never been under sedation and worry about that since I have low blood pressure.  They use profonol.  Please if anyone could offer any input, I would greatly appreciate it!  Thanks!
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Even though losing 10 lbs in 9 months isn't that much, you are currently underweight which is not good.  I doubt you have colon cancer because of your age (unless your mother had it young).  The endoscopy and colonoscopy should be fine, just let them know about your low blood pressure and maybe ask to be hooked up to IV fluids before they start the procedure.  I assume by profonol they mean propofol which is general anesthesia.  Do you know why you are getting general anesthesia and not sedation (ex. versed and fentanyl)?
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