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Unusual poo with blood, white bits & mucus & allergies

Hi I have never posted anything like this before but I cannot seem to find any answers from numerous doctors and my symptoms are getting worse.
I think I need to give a bit of background too as it's not just my poop that's unusual.
Over the past 5 yrs I have become  anaphylactic to penicillin, wasps, all shellfish, wheat and nuts. I am severely intolerant to lactose and sulphites.  I am starting a desensitisation programme for wasp venom in November.
I was diagnosed with reactive rheumatoid arthritis 2 years ago and now have fibromyalgia.
For the past 9 months or more, I have noticed blood, white specs & mucus in my stools. They alternate between being really hard to pass and on other days having to run to the loo. If I eat something 'wrong', despite my exclusions, then I become bloated with severe abdominal pains plus delightful wind ( both ends!). I am such a joy to live with!
The gastro consultant says I have IBS but I think it is linked to everything else. The foods that I can tolerate are becoming reduced almost on a weekly basis. I also suffer from extreme tiredness and on some days could literally fall asleep over lunch.
Can anyone shed any light onto what or why this is happening please?
Ps I have done the fodmaps too.

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Are you taking supplements?  Vitamin D? Maybe iron? ect?  I'm guessing you have been tested for vitamin deficiencies, but if not, I would request that.  Lacking the nutrients and supplements that you need could definately be making things worse and making you feel more fatigued, ect.
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no you have ibs

you have to find your diet what makes it act up what dont

some ibs fiber helps fiber make me fart

if you get bound up ibs is different most all laxatives are useless get caster oil

mucus comes in all colors and all amount one week i just crapped mucus nothing else

blood if tiny and gastro has check i wouldn worry

once you find what works ibs can be managed and live mostly normal

but dont follow all the lists and other crap ibs is different everyone and also by meds a person is one

ibs i found is easier than looking at the fancy dos donts test and find yourself what works or causes problem

good luck
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Were you tested for celiac disease? If so, how? Have you also been checked for eosinophilic issues, such as eosinophilic esophagitis?

What testing has been done for the blood, mucus, etc? Any stool testing for ova/parasites? Any suggestion on doing a colonoscopy or others?
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