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Upper Abdominal Pain, Nausea, and Back Pain

I just turned 21. When i was 16 i had my gallbladder removed due to gallstones. A few weeks following surgery, i had abdominal pain and was sent to a specialist who inserted a stent into my stomach to open up the duct and allow everything to flow through. After the stent was removed, everything went back to normal (aside from the weight gain and occasional IBS). 4 years later at the age of 20 i find myself with occasional stomach pain. For a few weeks i would wake up in the mornings with pain in my upper abdomen, right in the middle. It felt like a brick in my stomach, but went away after a few mins of being out of bed. I never saw a doctor about it. I started noticing a gnawing feeling in my upper abdomen. Again, i have no health insurance so i let it go hoping it would go away on its own. Here i am 21 years old with nausea, upper abdominal pain that radiates to my upper back even my right shoulder blade at times. I have fever and chills at times too, along with a 'shaky' feeling. Sometimes i even get a shortness of breath sensation. Usually these symptoms come in spells and go away after a few mins. I've recently seen a doctor and he put me on OTC 20mg Prilosec for acid reflux. I've only been on the medication for a few days and have quit smoking, drinking sodas, and have avoided any spicy foods. I find myself constantly sleepy, lightheaded at times. Recently i have had very hard stools which is uncommon for me, i normally have very loose stools. I'm very worried this may have something to do with my pancreas and having no insurance makes it difficult to see a specialist.What could this possibly be? I just want to be a normal 21 year old. This is greatly affecting my sex life along with my social life.
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