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Upper GI Instead of Gastric Emptying Test?

For the last month, following insertion of a feeding tube, I have experienced lightheadedness, overheatedness, and numbness in my feet following each meal. The lightheadedness fades, but I feel mental fatigue constantly. By bedtime, I can feel sensations in my head, though not a headache. The symptoms are worse within an hour or two of putting food in my stomach then diminish. If I have long gaps between meals, I feel a bit better.  I do not experience nausea or vomiting, but sense a full stomach by the afternoon.  My blood sugar is normal and my vital signs nearly perfect. My thyroid has been ruled out and an MRI did not provide any clues.

My gastroenterologist saw no connection between the operation and these symptoms, though they did not exist previously. But I may just have not filled my stomach due to swallowing difficulties, which led to the tube. So these symptoms never materialized. After researching motility problems online, I requested testing to see if it is happening too slolwly or too quickly and expected that a nuclear stomach emptying test would be conducted. But when I got to the hospital a week ago, they did just an upper GI and simply watched to see if my stomach was emptying, which it apparently was to some degree. It was at 8AM when symptoms are light and my stomach nearly empty; so I don't think it showed what happens in the course of a day.  

I have not gotten any test results and feel my situation is not being taken seriously. The mental fogginess that prevails is hard to endure; so I need some kind of diagnosis and treatment. I cannot wait until my September appointment and then be told he has no explanation. I am posing this question to see if others having experienced similar symptoms or have gotten an "emptying" diagnosis from an upper GI alone.

                                                                                                                                     --- Joe ---
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Joe, are you using any type of formula in that feeding tube? I'm wondering if you're having a reaction to either soemthing in that formula, or to something you're taking in. Some of the symptoms like fatigue or brain fog, etc, are symptoms that are reported when someone has a food intolerance - especially to something like gluten.
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