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Upper Right Quadrant pain (bottom right rib)

I have the EXACT SAME pressure under lower right rib as THOUSANDS of us...just on discussion groups. I've had 2 ultra-sounds, 2 blood work, 1 CT scan, one hida scan, and 1 endoscopy. All totally normal. When I last spoke to my GI, she said "Quite a few people have Upper Right Quadrant pain and we're just not able to find a cause." I said something like "That is simply not an option at this point, I'm incapacitated - I've been able to tolerate the pain for 4 1/2 years...it's just too painful all the time now." Her best suggestion was a nerve block procedure at the spine. That is my intention. If all my organs look fine and are functioning, then kill the darn pain. I refuse to live the remainder of my life (I'm 37 y/o) on narcotics. There truly should be a name for this ailment, I CANNOT BELIEVE how spot-on the descriptions are with what I've been feeling. They'll figure it out if we all press on.

OH! One more thing.... I noticed just today something VERY strange: my lower right rib does NOT stick out on the right side as it does on my left side. When I stick out my chest there is sort of a shelf from my breast down to the last rib, then a sharp drop-off. On the right side, the last ribs DO NOT stick out. It is almost concave where the rib SHOULD be sticking out. And this is EXACTLY where I feel my ribs in my guts.

Can anyone else perceive this on themselves? PLEASE respond to the thread if it's the case for you.
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well I feel as though when I feel my ribs it seems the same as you described (and due to the pain I am always feeling them hoping to find some sign or signal or way to releive the pain through massage) but I wasnt sure if it was really like that or I just percieve it that way?I am swollen in that area so I cant tell by looking but that what it FEELS like to me, who knows I just know after 2 yrs of pain Im sick of it and if I spent my whole life like that maybe It would have been easier to accept but getting 27 yrs of health and then being hit with constant pain is just over whelming-my faith is gone in the health care system as well
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hi...iv been havin this been as well, im 29 and from ireland...been going on for around 5 years,  been to my local gp....had test  and scan, but all clear? its comin from my lower rib cage on the right, and from hip some times...not a really sore pain more like a pressure, on a scale..its around 5 outta 10 all the time, i feel perfect in the morning when i get up, but when im up and about it strts to kick in again, its really buggin me now as my dad died a few years ago with kidney cancer, so its always on my mind as you will understand!! im 6ft and 14st, healthy and none smoker....any help wecome!!
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The pain/discomfort I have is very draining...it sometimes feels like it progresses up the front of my chest and sometimes feels like its in my right hip. I have had an x-ray, a ultra sound scan and various bloodtests and alll show up precisley nothing....I have noticed that the left and right side of my lower rib cage is slightly differant in shape  but not markedly..my GP spotted this as well....the best diagnosis was painful rib syndrome....I have been suffering for some 18 months form this. I have being medically reliant and this is made worse by an ongoing thyroid condition.....oh joy!.....


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I've had the pain for over 7 months now. I've tried the nerve blocking injections and they didn't work for me. I went to the ER again today. (9th time in the 7 months). They simply do not have any answers. I was referred to a pulmonary dr, so we'll see what they have to say, otherwise the Pain management dr said that we could try an epidural, but I dont feel like that will solve my problem either. I know what you mean by incapacitated though. I was supposed to be finishing up school this semester and I'll have to push back my graduation 1 more term. I haven't been to work and when I do go, I'm just miserable. I can't focus on anything other than trying to get rid of this pain.
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Hi I'm a nineteen year old female, I have this too (concave rib) and Im so glad I found someone else describing something similar. I have pains under my right ribcage, from longing burning or stabbing pains to short ones and the skin feels almost like its sunburnt. Sometimes it radiates to the back, I have only had this for about a week but it seems to be getting worse every day. I was really shocked when i started feeling the area the pain is because i noticed there is like a indent in that exact area. Not only is there an indent but just the whole right ribcage is less prominent then my left. I know this hasnt always been this way.

I went to the doctor today because I have no clue if its gallbladder, kidney, or whatever related. I have so many different symptoms the doctor could not pinpoint what it is for certain. I told her about my ribs and she felt them, pushed on them and everything, also noticing that there is a small dented area where my pain is, and that the left side sticks out further (the way they normally are).. So i didnt get much help and she was just as puzzled as me, didnt give me any ideas of what it could be. Its scarring me and i want to know if its something i should not put off. I dont have insurance so i cant afford to get all the tests and x rays or anything done yet. The pain is bad and the concave ribs are a huge concern of mine right now.. does anyone understand this??
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Wow, I also am amazed that there are others out there that have this same rib deformity. I have had a indention in my right rib cage for as long as I can remember. As a kid when asking about this deformity. I was told it was normal. About 6 to 7 years ago, I starting to experience sharp labor like pains under my right rib cage. Ashamed to say I drank excessively back then and fluffed it off as liver cramps. Now 8 years down the road and no longer drinking the pains remain. Not constant, yet as painful as they ever were. Over the years the indention has even seemed to have deepen more than before.
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Wow! This is crazy that so many have this same exact problem. Mine started about 1 month ago. I thought I maybe pulled a muscle (which I guess is still possible), but my right rib cage is sunken in now. The pain is excruciating directly under my breast. And it hurts to breathe, and cough. But at first, it was severe, it's not as bad as it was. Now it has leveled off but not getting any better from here. But the whole rib cage is tender. Also my upper rib cage sticks out closer to my sternum now as well. So weird. I'm assuming bony has a clue as to what this could be. Going to the doctor next week. Just got insurance!!
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