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Upper Rt Abd pain - post gastric bypass x2 yrs

Hello. I had gastric bypass in 2008 and have had a few problems since.  The latest is a constant upper right abd. pain just under my rib cage.  I have had my gallbladder & appendix removed and have had a total hysterectomy.  I have a odd taste in my mouth, kind of a metalic.  My stomach is warm to the touch and to me seems to be a little distended and is very sensitve to touch.  I've had kidney stones prior, but am having no UTI symptoms.  I'm so tired of going to the drs and having test after test.  Is this maybe just a viral bug or something I may need to be concerned with?  I have a headache, slight fever but no nausea or vomiting.  Bowel movements have been fine.  Do have a little more burping then normal.  I've already had a ulcer from the surgery and a hernia operation....this dosn't feel like any of those.  UGH!!! I'm a wreck and only 39!!! But I am down 150 lbs so my blood pressure is down!! Guess that's a positive!!!  Any help or suggestions woud be appreciated.  THANK YOU!
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Have you had your liver and pancreas checked out?  They often cause pain in this area.
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