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Upper ldft Quadrant pain

OK so I'm 33 and this past year I began to feel extremely tired. I couldn't get enough sleep and had to force myself out of bed. I lost my appetite and felt really sick at times. About two months ago I starred feeling pain on both sides of my back in the flank area that would radiate back and forth. I then began to have extreme bloating and couldn't pass gas and became constipated. After a few days of constipation I began to have watery stools, so I would radiate back and forth from constipation to diarrhea. I then began to have left upper quadrant pain just under my ribs that radiate under my shoulder blade and sometimes to my lower abdomen. I have joint pain and sharp pains throughout my body, and chest pain, mainly on the left side. Over the course of these two months I have lost 10 pounds. I have been to the Ed several times and had ct scan and xray, both came out fine, except ii have a cyst on my kidney and was to!d it was normal. My doctor seems to think its gastritis caused from gerd. I was prescribed antacid and pantoprazole, in witch helped with bloating. I'm still experiencing the constipation, diarrhea, and all the other symptoms as typed above. I had asked my doc for a colonoscopy but, he doesn't think I need one. The weird thing about this is, I have a friend who has the same thing, and his doctor thinks he's crazy! Could this be a parasite that's undetected? We used to volunteer at the animal shelter together and when I think back, it was around that time I began to feel symptoms. I have been checking my bowels, but found nothing. Anyone else experience this. I just would like a piece of mind..... I'm going crazy! Before all of this I was a pretty energetic, happy, healthy women! Thanks in advance! And hope you have a good day!
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