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Upper right abdominal and right mid-back pain, but only in the AM????

Over the summer I started with a nagging ache right side only (upper abdominal) & I also feel it in the same spot on my back (like it goes straight though).  As the months go by, it is getting worse.  If I rouse at 6:30 AM, it hurts and I have to try to get into a comfortable spot in bed.  After I get up, move around, and eat, I'm fine.  No weight loss, yellow eyes, blood in stool or anything.  Sometimes, though, I may feel a fullness in that area (doesn't hurt).  My GI dr. dismissed me - doesn't believe it is intestinal (I suggested an endoscope, since I have a colonoscopy coming up).  My primary suggested a CT, but I don't want to jump into another one of those (more radiation).  Backstory:  I have had inflammation in my stomach in the past (gastritis/duodenditis) - flares that would last a week.  Only an endoscope after the fact showed evidence of "itis".  My mom had an ulcer at 50 (I'm 52).  My son (12) has severe IBD/eosinophilic disorder.  I'm confused by this because I feel normal during the rest of the day.  I'm scared it could be a tumor, but wouldn't that hurt all day?  It is in the area of the gallbladder, but doesn't come after fatty meals.  What on Earth could it be?  
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