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Upper right chest pain after few sips of alcohol

Within a few sips of alcohol, my right side chest (above the nipple, behind the ribcage) develops an unbearable dull/aching pain that seems to only go away when the alcohol leaves my body (pain is very specific; doesnt move far). I refuse to drink anymore; this occurred the last three times i tried to drink any alcohol. I never made it past half of a beer. I havent eaten fatty foods in a long time, due to my issues with GERD. Although the GERD seems to be under control with the help of Apple Cidar Vinegar and several glasses of water each day.

I've heard suggestions that it could be gallbladder issue (but could it be above the nipple line?). The pain is much more obvious in the front, but does radiate slightly lower in the back. The days after such event, im sore in that area. Pressing on the ribs doesnt trigger any worse pain during the event. Deep breaths or movements dont seem to make it worse either.

A second, more scary suggestion is that it could be hogkins, in that the alcohol could be irritating an infected lymph node deep in the chest. Even without alcohol, the area is sometimes sore.

I am 24 years old, and used to drink about 4 beers a day for a few years. Never ever ever again, regardless of the source of this pain. I was previously diagnosed with GERD, so im very familiar with all the gas and acid pains. But this is something much different, and very scary.
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That spot is now sore on a daily basis. Anyone have ideas what it could be??
Essentially behind the rib cage at same level as my right nipple.
I dont want to go to the hospital or DR unless it gets worse.. but its not getting better.. and worries me.
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I would love to give you an answer and its almost weird to see this post because I will be 24 in January and I have this same issue. I cant even finish a whole drink or even half for that matter without having this EXACT same pain. have you ever figured out what it is?
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